MM2H: how long did it take for you?

Any idea if they will extend the 6 month window to come and finish the visa due to the Corona Virus?
Sarawak isn't letting people in who are coming from China.

Getting a Journey Performed Visa

Journey Performed (JP) visa is a special visa that is required by the Malaysian Immigration Department for citizens bearing passports from countries not listed in Appendix 1.  So, for those holding UK, Netherlands, USA and Tanzania do not need a JP visa whereas those from India, Pakistan, Japan, China and France require to.

JP visa costs approximately RM520.00 per person and it is not covered by our normal application fees. JP visas are stamped on your passport alongside with the MM2H visa. They are issued by the Immigration at Putrajaya or the MM2H Center on the day of passport endorsement.  JP visa is only issued in Malaysia.

JP visa is a one-time visa unless you let the MM2H visa expires.

MM2H visa is given up till the expiration of your current passport. MM2H visa will expire just months before the expiration of your current passport. If you enter Malaysia before the MM2H visa expires (with your new passport), then you will continue to get the remaining years for your MM2H visa. If you enter Malaysia after the MM2H visa has expired, you will enter as a tourist and you have to pay an additional RM520 (approx) per person for the JP visa. Thus, it is best to enter Malaysia before the MM2H visa expires so that you can continue the MM2H visa without paying for the JP visa. If your MM2H expires and if you are holding a passport from countries listed in Appendix 2 (like Pakistan China, India), then you need to get a tourist visa from the Malaysian embassy or high commission before coming to Malaysia. If you do not get a tourist visa, you cannot enter Malaysia as your multiple entry visa in your MM2H has expired.


Citizens from the countries below DO NOT require JP visa during MM2H passport endorsement
Caribbean and Americas    Africa    Pacific    Europe    Asia
Antigua and Barbuda    Botswana    Australia    Cyprus    Brunei
Bahamas, The    Kenya    Fiji    Malta    Maldives
Barbados    Lesotho    Kiribati    United Kingdom    Singapore
Belize    Malawi    Nauru    Netherlands   
Canada    Mauritius    New Zealand    Switzerland   
Dominica    Namibia    Papua New Guinea    San Marino   
Grenada    Seychelles    Samoa       
Guyana    Sierra Leone    Solomon Islands       
Jamaica    South Africa    Tonga       
Saint Lucia    Swaziland    Tuvalu       
St Kitts and Nevis    Uganda    Vanuatu       
St Vincent and The Grenadines    Tanzania           
Trinidad and Tobago    Zambia    Blue = non-Commonwealth countries   
United States of America               

Citizens from countries NOT listed above require JP visas during passport endorsement.


Citizens from the countries below require a visa to enter Malaysia, which they must obtain at a Malaysian embassy or high commission before flying into Malaysia. Only those with valid visas are allowed to enter Malaysia. No visa, no entry.
Africa    Asia    Europe    Americas
Angola    Afghanistan    Serbia Montenegro    Colombia
Burkina Faso    Bangladesh    Yugosalavia   
Burundi    Bhutan       
Cameroon    China       
Central African Republic    India       
Congo Democratic Republic    Myanmar       
Djibouti    Nepal       
Equatorial Guinea    Pakistan       
Eritrea    Sri Lanka       
Ivory Coast           
Western Sahara           

** Visa-free entry into Malaysia for citizens from countries NOT listed above

Hi, all.  I'm new to this forum.  I just got my approval letter yesterday and is planning for my trip to KL in March / April.

ericsbwong :

FuzzyLogiche, finally, someone answered my call!! Here is the information I confirmed with MM2H staff,

1) Yes, direct applicant need to collect the approval letter in person,
2) Journey Performed Visa, for Hong Kong passport holder, we can go to Malaysia with the the passport and convert the Entry Visa to Journey Performed Visa for RM530 per person at the immigration unit in MM2H center.
3) A family medical plan cover myself and my spouse is acceptable (i.e. no need for separate medical plan for two of us).

I finally pick Progressive for my medical plan, but they need a copy of the official approval letter to proceed. We can do everything in advance via email, but we need to collect the final documents from them in their office in person. The date of commencement of the policy should be the date we obtain the MM2H visa.

Above are all I confirm for the moment.

Hi ericsbwong, Congratulations!  I'm from HK and got my approval letter from agent yesterday.  I'd like to get the quotation from progressive for the medical coverage.  Would you mind to provide me their email address?  Thank you in advance.

jacobcat :

Hi, all.  I'm new to this forum.  I just got my approval letter yesterday and is planning for my trip to KL in March / April.

Hi Jacobcat
Could you share with us your reference number and when did you apply? So that we all know the current progress of MM2H center


Hi Geely175,

I applied through agent in mid July last year with ref. no 435xx.

1openmind :

Any idea if they will extend the 6 month window to come and finish the visa due to the Corona Virus?
Sarawak isn't letting people in who are coming from China.

A few weeks ago when I asked, my agent in Penang said the situation was fluid and it may change but for now the recommendation was to hurry up and get there and finish up the process.  I am trying....

And yes, we will not be stopping in China...

Hi jacobcat11,

jacobcat :

Hi Geely175,

I applied through agent in mid July last year with ref. no 435xx.

Congratulations on your MM2H approval. I am in the midst of applying same visa for my parents too.
Do you mind me asking how long it took for your conditional approval letter to be issued to you?


For those who already obtained Mm2h visa, need your advise on documents needed to make extra copy. ( self applicant)

1. FD
2. Letter from the bank confirmed the lien of FD
3. Medical report
4. Form for the bond with rm10 stamped by inland revenue ( LHDN)

5. Passport ( this is the one I am confused, make copy on personal particular page and the entry visa page will do ? OR copy the whole passport pages
including those blank pages ?

And 2 copies each for the documents stated above ?

( for me, medical insurance exempted because I am above 60)


It took around 7 months.

Dear Caivin 1977,

This is what read in some posts from the other members about documents delivery date.
Hope it helps:

Got there at 6:30 and already people waiting. The problem is the amount of agents. Queue token machine was switched off by 08:30. Got everything done by 11:30.
This is the process~ Get your ticket and wait for your number. Present all your documents and if in order and accepted go and sit down again and wait for your number to be called again (this time to make payment). Make the payment and go and sit down again. Wait for your number to be called again, go and collect passport with MM2H stamp.

Tip # 1. They want photocopies of the original Approval letter, fixed deposit certificate and passport details page and entry stamp page.
Tip #2, to ensure that you get the full 10 year visa make sure you're passport is valid for 10 years. Mine wasn't and only got a 5 year visa.

Hi, what will happen If i renew my passport between submitting the application with earlier passport and the time while I submit the new and renewed passport for MM2h visa stamping after getting the approval. Will they accept new passport or there will be some administrative delay

Hi, I am based out of Dubai and planning to apply for MM2H, can anybody recommend any good agent whom I can approach from Dubai, Thanks

Granted I am using an agent (so I don't know what is happening behind the scenes) but I did in fact recently renewed my US passport after already applying for the MM2H using my old passport so that I get essentially the full 10 years worth on that MM2H stamp.  I paid extra to expedite the passport renewing service since I am flying to Malaysia in a few months and once my passport came I made a scan copy and forwarded it to my agent who then forwarded to the Immigration Dept. 

I realize it is about $2k to use an agent, but so far mine (Alter Domus) has been good about hand holding me through the process.  My schedule for that time when I am in Malaysia is planned for and it really sounds like they got it down to a science.

Thanks VWC, It helps.
is this the website of the agent you are using :

Thanks again

Yup, that's them.  Eleanor has been great so far, providing suggestions like advising me to use a local medical clinic since more drop-in than say a hospital where more set appointment times are observed.  She is recommending an insurance carrier/plan, so that is being taken care of for us.  The banking I am trying to do from here via HSBC but she did recommend Public Bank because apparently everything could be set up before reaching Malaysia through them.  I want to use HSBC only because we have accounts with them already but honestly if they don't perform we have time to go with Public Bank.  All in all again, I am glad I went with them.

That's good to hear, thanks. I already contracted them...
in case you don't mind, for you how long was the waiting to get the approval
thanks again

Applied in March, 2019 and technically got approval letter last month.  Folks on here suggested checking status directly through MM2H website and sure enough when I happened to check in late December I was showing approved status.  My understanding is that October, 2019 was a big month for approvals so it may have been then but why it would take so long for the approval letter is news to me.

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