My week in Belize

My trip was amazing. I did 3-5 months of research and I’m glad I did. I’m not much of a water person yet I do enjoy the beach. I decided not to visit any beaches however and focus on the cayo area. I stayed in San Ignacio/Santa Elena area in a beautiful home that I found on air bnb. Turns out it was almost next door to ceiba realty... it was very close and sat on a hilltop with views of hills, valleys... hard to describe but they were beautiful. Consuelo is the hostess and cook if you choose the option. You should... her food was amazing and she even offered a cooking  lesson. I woke up to birds singing, roosters in the distance and sometimes rain but it didn’t matter.... I could even hear cows every once in a while. Everyone has a dog or two where I stayed and a few walk free but seemed to be harmless. One barked and ran toward us but didn’t get close and went back on their property. My mother wasn’t thrilled. Yet she was brave and moved closer to getting over her fear of dogs in this week. We walked the neighborhood early morning as some mothers walked the children to school. We stayed in this area for 4 nights it was great. The Saturday farmers market was very kool. I intended to take many photos but instead decided to be in the moment and enjoy. I only took a few.
Next I stayed in Better In Belize... I took great roadside photos ...even spotted a tarantula as I drove down the road. Of course I jumped out and got a few shots of him. BIB is an eco village and it was very enjoyable. Jorge was great... he showed us around and shared his knowledge of the rainforest. His wife cooked are meals and it was all good.
Lastly we stayed in Belize city at a bed and breakfast..... villa boscardi. We stayed hear at the suggestion of someone because it was close to the airport. This place is great. Nice rooms... good attention to detail, hot tub, parking on premises (tight but it worked) and breakfast. We met the owner she was welcoming and dressed sharp. I took my car back to crystal auto rental and headed home. I viewed a several properties and learned a lot more about Belize. I’m planning to return in November.

Would like to know more about home prices and cost of living in Belize  and also best area to live in not too country and not too city.  Thank you.

Awesome it went so well!

It was great. Headed back soon.


How much crystal auto charges for the day on car rentals?

They have a web site which if you book through it gives you  discount, also speeds things up when you arrive. Depending on vehicle  selected prices start at about $50us a day.  there are some slightly cheaper options  (not by much) but the peace of mind going with a truly reliable company is worth a coupe of bucks extra in my mind. Alsothey will provide a flip phone that you can purchase minutes for which is a very good thing to have, that and a cool box for your use.
Disclaimer i have no financial or any other connections with Crystal

Thanks for the info.

What she said☝🏿
Yes crystal was quick and reliable
Prices vary... I spent about 100a day. I needed a 4x4 vehicle and it was well worth it. I booked online for a bit of a discount.

I just booked a 4x4 with them again, for my trip in Feb - $480 for 6 days. They are a great company and I have always been happy with their service and vehicles. I can't say the same for the other rental companies there.

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