EP rejected, appeal now

Hi, starting this thread just to share my experience. I've been following related expat.com posts for awhile now but I think most responses given to such threads seem pessimistic. Anyways, opinion from others wont affect MOM's decision in any way, so better not scare ourselves or put hopes unnecessarily.

I am a recent computer science grad from reputable Singapore uni with High distinction honours, and I am under tuition grant bond (need to work for Singapore-based company for three years). I do have a letter from school which is supported by MOM that my application would be deemed favourably by MOM because of this bond.

Before graduation, I received a job offer from a US consultancy company as cybersecurity consultant with good pay (above 5k). this is the average salary now for comp sci and especially in MNC company (JP Morgan offers 5k and above too, in case there'll be some comments saying MOM wont like the big salary for recent grads yada yada yada)

Ok so my application was rejected after 15 days and the email stated that 'candidate doesnt have the edu qualification necessary for the position'. My employer called the MOM officer and apparently it was because my employer did not put 'bachelors degree' in the 'qualification' section, and instead put 'others' and input my Honours class as the explanation. MOM knows that my uni gives Bachelors Degree, so they themselves suggested for appeal and for my employer to input properly this time, and attach my edu cert.

Seems like a simple mistake, and i was dissapointed at first at how 'red tape' MOM is with a simple typo. But as I researched further myself, I realised that this is actually a fatal mistake because EP online is a drop down menu, and it will automatically ask you to upload the cert if you choose anything other than 'Others'. Because my employer did not do so, they never uploaded my cert in the first application...... Even though i gave everything to my employer, at the end I didnt know what they have/ have not submitted to MOM. I cant be angry with anyone la at that point because anyways my future boss assured me that they will fight for me since the mistake was theirs in the first place.

Anyways they have appealed with my cert and the letter of bond, and it's been 23 days since the appeal date... I thought such correction would be easy and fast to ammend. But I think I have encountered similar thread here where he needed to appeal with his educational cert and it took him 1 month or so. Bopian lor

Honestly I'm not one to be impatient, so I'm sharing here also not to ask when will it be accepted/ what not cus I know it's futile. Just sharing to give update later on when news come. As of date, I believe that no news is good news hahhaha. Good vibes only man, and if you're waiting for EP too, try not to be worried, and dont let this whole bureaucracy impacts you negatively in terms of extra stress or what not. Things will always work out for the better in the end. Find hobby, work on personal project... Find peace.

BTW my friend (same background, diff company) also got rejected after two weeks because her employer input wrong date format for her passport expiry date. Aiyo poor thing. So if u want any advice, try to ask your employer to send u a draft of the EP application and doublecheck yourselves first. I did not push for this and I regretted it. Learn from mistakes, but dont get caught in negative sentiment :)

Thanks for posting your experience, opinion and encouragement!

thanks Beppi!

Update, EP got approved today after 24 days of appeal hahah, this forum works wonders I guess

Congrats, patience is the key for success. It applies here too. All the best.

Mine is the same case. EP was applied on 2nd week of Sep.
It took a month to review and it was rejected for the reason that application submitted was missing my educational certs. Admin mentioned the fields/options were not mandatory to upload the certs.
Appealed last week, Still not approved.
Hope to get some update soon.

Good luck!! Yeah... Admin should've known that highest learning proof is very important for MOM. May take some time but be patient! :)

@sunrisers Is your Ep approved?

I would like to give my experience. Oct 10th my company applied for epass. It rejected with no spass in company(29th of Oct) and  so the company raised my salary and applied again as a new E pass application on Nov 5th. 21st of November it changed the status to 'pending document' state. They asked some additional document and my company provided the same. 28th November it got rejected saying that document is not received. So my employer contacted MOM . Mom says could be because of some browser issue, they didn't received the document. So my company uploaded the document again on the same day with an appeal. So from Nov 28th it is showing as pending. Any chance I will get my Epass? trying to get an Epass from October!

Chances are there to get your EP approved. Need to have patience. Good luck

Any idea about appeal timeline?

anunair :

Any idea about appeal timeline?

Read my long post under the header "How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take". That will give you a good idea of how long it could take!

Thanks for the reply. Read the post. I was keep on waiting from October. Just wondering how long I have to wait!

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