Expat Health Insurance

Hi All
I will be residing in Viet Nam staying for periods of six months, then returning to Australia for 2 months, then returning to Viet Nam for 6 months etc. Does anyone know of a good Health Insurance that I may take out in Viet Nam to cover hospital etc should illness occur.

Try Cigna. It is international. I have tried and contacted to several vietnamese insurance but it seems they don't interested in expat insurance so much. Too complicated for them I think.
But in my experience, hospital in Vietnam, FV for example, charged you more if you have insurance card. It depends on the percentage that the Insurance cover you. If they cover 100%, they you don't have to worry about the Insurrer's pocket. If they only cover a part of the cost, you have to think about it.

Hope this helps.

Cigna is really, really expensive.

hi RossiTran, thanks for the information. I feel its going to be easier to stick with the Australian provider.

Cigna is over the top, I am not worth the money. fully agree

For hospital cover try Bao Viet.

Any one had experience with Pacific Cross for international health insurance? Good or otherwise?

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