Need help finding a Job in Jakarta (English Speaking)

Hi Guys,

I am currently living in South Africa and my fiance stays in Jakarta. We have been together for 2 years and have only been together physically twice.

I have been searching for any IT job in Jakarta but its so difficult.

Please someone assist as me and fiance are going through such a tough time being apart.

Iv been to Jakarta twice and can already speak basic Bahasa.

My fiance lives in Kota Bogor.

I have many IT Microsoft Certifications.

I am bright and hard working individual and i can swear it that i am more than a dedicated hard worker.

Please anyone help :(.

Kind regards
Andrew Rippon

To get a job here you must have skills unavailable from an Indonesian worker. If you have such skills, you have a shot.

Would it help posting my qualifications?

Having 2 different names makes things more complicated however I was recently informed that Indonesia is dropping and changing the rules regarding Teachers of English to include countries where English is considered to be the second language which would mean peops from South Africa would be able to find work slighlty easier albeit in teaching but it does mean that there is a change in the approach to expats or foreign workers.

Hi thanks for the reply,

The reason I have two names is cause I converted to Islam 8 months ago so my family call me Andrew still but everyone else calls me Mohammad, but I really appreciate the effort and time you took to reply, I am considering taking the TEFL English course. Will taking this course better my chances?


It will only help if you sed yourself wanting to teach as a way to remain the country. If you go by the name mohammed then I am sure you could market yourself in islamic schools and you need to go knocking on doors to see if there are vacancies.


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