Economic situation in sudan

Hello members from Sudan forum,

Could you please give some information about the economical situation of sudan? 2 days back i read in news paper that Sudan is facing financial crisis for past few months. I got an opportunity in the banking field . now bit confused after hearing the news. Is the news true? How the market it Sudan Please help with some information.
Thank you

Hi there

Its very confusing in Sudan just like blending food in a blender, hopefully will be fixed soon but nothing is sure.

If your getting paid in USD CASH every month in your hands not in account or anything more that 1000 you should be good. 500$ is really enough to live how you like even with a spouse not sure its enough for schools or big kids.

Ask if they will provide you with any free flat or transportation it ahould save a lot of course

Sir, Thanks so much for the reply. I would like to know how about to start our currency exchange company in sudan at this situation?

Dont have info about that but i know to start in banking & currency biz is little difficult as its monopolized by gov ppl so you will need someone if you to make it official.

However almost every currency trader dont have a company i have never changed money in a bank or a currency exchange office in the last 8 to 10 years so if you trust some Sudanese guy you can start 7 all you need is money and relation around the globe.

The economic situation? It's.... terrible.

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