Visa cacancellation

Hi everyone! My visa was cancelled today and i still didn't get any job offer , question is do i have to go in lmra to register an intention for me to have a grace period ? Or there will be an automatic grace period after cancellation that i can find new employer or I can buy my own visa ? After the grace period can it be extended? Please help. Thank you

Please reply guys! I need help . Thanks

30 days grace period after cancellation.  Before it expires, you have to approach LMRA to get an extension.

Do I need to have the consent of my previous employer to extend it ? Or after the grace period I can buy flexi visa?

Go to LMRA, let them guide you on the what is needed for extension.

Flexi permit is only for certain professions and under certain conditions.  Check your details on LMRA express services, it will tell you if you are eligible.

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