Expat requiring an English speaking lawyer in Vung Tau

Good Day all

I am currently based in Vung Tau, I require an English speaking lawyer, to start up a small business, to be legal, follow the regulations, procedures to become legal, and I am looking for premises to rent also to set up the business based in Vung Tau
anyone ho can give me a link or phone number would be very much appreciated for an English speaking lawyer
Thanks so much

PM me and I can give you tge name and address if one in HCM. He has set up many business’ here, Starbucks to name one. Good man and very honest

Let me know the contact details of the lawyer. Ideally the lawyer will be in Vung Tau but perhaps they have a recommendation.

I do not know any in VT. But like I said PM me and I can give you the contact info for my lawyer.

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