Hello All ! in 3-4 months me and my husband will leave Indonesia and move to Switzerland for good, well he is Swiss, and I am Indonesian.
Wondering if there are any asian living in Swiss, we might can be friends and share experiences?

Looking forward to it


Hi Puspina,
Not quite knowing which area of Switzerland you be moving to. I can only speak for the Northwestern part of Switzerland. In Basel-City and the neighboring towns there are many Asians, not necessarily from Indonesia, rather from numerous Asian Countries. Check out the Weblink “BaselConnect” which is a great source for expats/foreigners like yourself to Switzerland.

Best of luck, and perhaps already that especially cities in Switzerland are much less polluted compared to Indonesia...

Hello Reinhard!

We still dont know yet where we gonna live since my husband left his apartment and now living in Bali with me until Feb 2019.
We consider Greifensee though.
Thank you for your information. very much appreciate it, will check it out now.

Yes exactly, I love my country but i am getting tired of pollution and traffic jam.
Hope moving there to swiss is gonna be my transformation for health as well.


Hi Puspina,
OK, Greifensee is a nice area near Zurich, as you probably well know. The website BaselConnect might than not be a good choice as this Association primarily is focusing on people in the Badel area.
I suggest you rather check for Associations in the Zurich area. I am sure you will find a few, as areas like Zurich, Basel and Geneva are those where most foreigners reside.
Considering your husband Bein Swiss, you will surely connect with other Asians fast.


Hi Reinhard,

Yes, i hope so. :)
nice to know you here, are you also living in Swiss?

Hi Puspina,
Yes, I live in the Northwest of Switzerland in a Village about 20 KM from Basel,  and close to the German & French border, great for excursions and shopping.😉

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