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My name is dhivya from India and I got an opportunity for Singapore Job, my agent was applied my pass August 20th 2018 and next Month September 20th he told me your pass was cancelled due to quota issues and gonna to re apply 3rd of October 2018. After 3rd I tried to MOM site and it's showing like record not found and it was an error. Is my agent cheating me or anybody facing this type of issues,  can someone please help me I was paid rs 15000

If it says "no record found" then no work pass was applied for you (the system also shows past applications).
Please note that agents cannot apply for work passes, only employers can. And by Singapore law, it is illeal to charge the job seeker for an application - all associated costs must be borne by the employer (and fees are low anyway - around S$70 for an EP).
I thus think you have been cheated.
Please in future avoid agents and deal with employers directly!

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After I seen message I was contacted to my agent still he saying you should wait till this month 20th.. What I should can I ask directly whether are you applied or not?  Still he is giving very much of confidence. And how I get my job in Singapore from India, please someone help me especially beepi

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What’s this date 20 Oct’18? Is there any specific reason to wait till that date? If you read various threads, you will come to know that most of the agents or consultants are dishonest and most of the time they lie.

It’s obvious that they didn’t apply or submit your application online, or else it takes few days to max a week to appear in eponline with status as “Pending”.

Second part of your question, how to find a job in Singapore, you may read various threads here on how to search jobs using job portals. I have mentioned 10 popular job sites where you may find a suitable job opening.

Getting a call and selection process is depending on job roles, it’s demand, feasibility for the employer to hire a foreigner and local talents availability.

Thirdly, you can continue the search process like how you did in past and landed this job. Good luck

Dear Mr. Surya,

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Can I get that job sites here.

Dhivya Patchaiamma. wrote:

Can I get that job sites here.

Sorry, but we do not re-post the same information again, just because you are unable (or too lazy) to look for it.

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I have received a call from Palm Bliss Hotel in receptionist job and I attend the interview from that side they are asking security amount of $250 sgd, I paid that amount in with out PayPal account mode. After I checked with someone they told me that hotel is full of fraud company and this type of company not available in Singapore. Can someone please help me the palm bliss hotel is fake or real?

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The fact that they are asking for a "security amount" for you to attend a job interview should already tell you that this is certainly a scam. No serious company does that.
I also checked their webpage: The address given there is one of the huge shopping malls at Orchard Road - no hotel there and certainly no building similar to what they show on the webpage!

Edited to add: Try to book a room on their webpage - does not work. None of the external links (e.g. to Facebook) work. Some pages have gibberish text. The only thing that works are the links for payment of "security deposit" - IN INDIAN RUPIAH!!!
How dumb (or desperate) must one be to fall for this?

It’s a genuine thing that if someone seeking our advice, should post his or her message before taking action on things which he or she is not sure.

There is no point of telling this after you paid money to them without even verifying whether such employer does exist or not.

It’s illegal here to ask employees money for whatever reason it may be. Now, you learnt a lesson. Don’t pay money to anyone in Singapore for a job. Good luck

Whether your agent name is Dreamwave group??

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