1month guesthouse or studio apartment Phnom Penh.

Just wondering if anyone had recommendations for either a studio apartment that would accept only a one month lease or guesthouse/hotel.  Quieter area closer to riverfront/palace ( but not too picky about this) maybe a pool but not necessary. Somewhere around 400 bucks US possible?

We are going to most likely be looking for teaching jobs (we are both certified and experienced classroom teachers as well TOEFL certified) and don’t want commit to anything long term until we figure out where we will be working if we do happen to land jobs.

Thank you

There are several guesthouses that offer monthly rates.

If you need more info PM me.

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Thanks again Joe.
Willpm you as the time draws closer. We are trying to decide between siem reap and Phnom Penh. I would imagine more employment opportunities for teaching in Phnom Penh.


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No thank you, we would be looking for our own.

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