Having a Baby in Addis - foreign father.

I went to Ethiopia and fell in love with a beautiful girl and we're now expecting a baby. There's no plan for her to leave Ethiopia.

My name is Negus

Born and living in England, my heritage - St Kitts & Nevis, St Vincent and Jewish. On paper British.

We didnt plan for a baby but here we are. Dont throw stones. I have £5000 to my name - any angel types out there? (guidance) that could at least advise how I could stretch it over a year in Addis, hurts to say that the budget has to cover rent to. The mothers over-occupied in her fathers home, we can't be together there and she cant stay there it's impossible

Reader - I'll probably end up illegal in Addis just trying to do what I can for us to get by. Anyone with any tips for survival? or I guess what I'm really trying to say is this there anyone in Addis who can help?

I need help and new friends in Addis.

33 and 25, we're young - for both of us first child.

Carribean and Ethiopia.


1. it is your child, but this needs fast legal prove! Due that you are british contact the embassy and ask them on details on your fathership. In General it will require a genetic test, you need to know which lab has the registration by the british government, it will be most likly outside ethiopia. You will have to go and see a registrated doctor in Addis (most likly at the nordic clinic) who will take all of zour three bloed, the samples are send out to Britain etc...is quite expensive, can go up to some 400 Euro.

2. if you once the father, it is difficult to reject a residence for you, parents can not be seperated so easy from the children!

3. you should think to get the child as well british, will make again your stay easier

I went through all this, but I am German, so I can only refer to the German law, but I belive it should be not such a big difference!

4. Find a Job, for sure very difficult and depending a lot on your qualification.


Thankyou Oliver - you covered a lot that I wasn't aware of.

The babies due beginning of April I plan to arrive at the end of next month so I can arrange a condominium and prepare as much of a home for us as I can with the very small budget I have.

I'm just grateful I'm in England at the mo - I've been able to sort out babies clothes etc wihout spending a lot of money at alI, I hope to arrive with all the babies clothing for the first two years and I'm gna bring cloth dipers to try and save on buying nappies in Ethiopia, I hear they cost quite a bit.

As for a cot and a pram etc I guess Im going to have to buy those in Ethiopia.

My deepest fear was that my tourist visa would run out and I'd be told I have to leave the country. I can't afford to be leaving and returning periodically I just cant afford it.

Thankyou for the reassurance that it shouldn't be a huge issue for me to stay for a while to be there for the first and most important moments of my childs life, that was my deepest fear.

I didn't go to University so I dont have a degree but hopefully someone will see potential in me and give me a chance.

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