work card exchange (renewal)

Hello all,

I have received notification from city hall, that they received my new work card (renewal). Could someone clarify what will happen in case I won't exchange old one to new?
Will be the old one card is still valid?
Will new one card is still invalid?

Thanks a lot.

In my knowledge, your old WP gets cancelled when they issue a new one (I assume it is WP type B you are talking about here).

thank you, aneeshks

I will reply here once I got my now card.

I'm going to ask for new id cards at the same time I will have got new work card B on hand.

What will happens if I will ask for contract termination few days after id-card renew requested?

Will the new issued ID-card still have validity of around 1 year or it will be capped already to the end of contract date?

Thanks in advance.

by ID card, I assume you mean residence permit. I think it will be given validity till the last date of your new WP.

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