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I'm a 28 year old legal assistant currently living in Iran and speaking fluently in Persian (Farsi) and English by the background of working in international and multi-national companies. I'm planning on moving to Penang in Malaysia in the next couple of months by getting a job offer that would provide me with work permit visa. I have been searching for over 3 months now and now I'm looking for any kinds of help that you'd provide me with your information. I'd highly appreciate if you know any recruitment or job seeking agencies or lawyers there, or any companies that might have job openings that'd be suitable.
Thanx for your time and consideration in advance.

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The legal profession  in Malaysia practices protectionism therefore if a local Malaysian can do the job, foreigners will not be approved for a work permit. The law is practised in the local language Bahasa Malaysia, i.e. when dealing with government or legislative bodies the forms and documents are in BM. Suggest if you havent tried already, that you search for jobs not necessarily in legal, but those where your language skills are required (i.e. other than English).

Yes exactly. I realized that on my web-searches and also every country has their own different laws. I'm basically looking for any job that could provide me with work permit visa like translation or any other required field.

I saw this but perhaps other languages are useful to them … eSize%3D10

Minimum salary would need to be RM3,000 per month as that is the entry point for professional work permits (Category 3).

Suggest you might want to join Facebook group Expats in Penang

Thanks so much for ur suggestions :)

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