looking at moving to the Seychelles

Hi there,

We are from South Africa, and are looking at moving to the Seychelles since my husband is working on a project in India. We have just come from India to go and look at housing possibilities there, but we don’t want to live there, since it is in sharp contrast to our living conditions and way of life in South Africa. Seychelles is a lot closer to South Africa but also to India. We have 3 daughters, of which the the youngest is 15 years old and still need to go to school to finish her highschool career. Here in South Africa she is currently in Grade 9 but our school year end in Nov/Dec after which she will be going to Grade 10. So we are looking to live in Mahe, since there is also an International school, and is close to the International Airport as well. Have not been to Seychelles but planning on going to go there asap to look for accommodation ( a 3 to 4  bedroom house with at least 3 bathrooms) as well as to have a look at the International school there. Can you maybe provide me with some information about the cost of a house and general living expenses as well as some info on the International school. How do the terms work there, and does the new year start in Aug/Sept of each year? What the cost is of sending our child there monthly as well? Are there particular neighborhoods that we need to look for houses in? Thank you

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