Pakistan man

Please to anybody knows something about man from Pakistan how are they but I need own experiences please and  truth I want to know about the culture and a relationship. Thank you 🙏 for your help .

Hi Dear..

You can find mixed kind of culture in Pakistan.

Pakistan man few are good and few are bad. please provide more information what exactly you need from a Pakistani man so that I can give you a good picture about it.

Dear Ruth,

Well I will start with favorite statement of ladies "at the end all the men are same" :P (just a cracker)

If you are particular enquiring about Pakistani man you should have to consider his origin and his born and bought-up place, me myself i am British born Pakistani and lived in European culture so i am very much influenced with European life style, other to that i traveled around the world and i am open minded person and understand all the cultures and very much flexible to accepts and understand.

If you are enquiring about a person who was living whole of his life in a village of Pakistan i am sure you will have a hard time with the mentality and cultural difference, coz in Pakistan still people follow their traditions and cultural norms, some time when i visit Pakistan its abit difficult for me to adjust. In general they are very sweet people, their hospitality is amazing, and they care from heart, But if you want to Marry a Pakistan guy keep in mind there men hold a big portion of family decision as compared to women, but it doesn't mean that there is discrimination towards woman, in short you can say women don't enjoy much freedom as western world, but on the other side men give full protection and care to there women.

But again i will mention you have to see from which back ground the guy is from, because there are more than 100 million men in population in Pakistan.

Thank you so much for your información very helpful , but I do not intend to marry anyone only that I have a Pakistani suitor and I do not want to be taken for a ride so I started studying culture but I like to listen to personal experiences I always been carefully before do my first step , But thank a lot. Have a bless  day

if your in relationship with Pakistani men look out for his family if he comes from modest deep rooted family then you wont face any problems with him after marrying
here in pakistan 80% are arrange marriages & every family first priority is to get married in nice modest family

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