Got Work permit - D Visa application for myself and family


I received my type B work permit today and now planning to apply for long term D visa application.

I would like to know :

1. Do I need to arrange accommodation to apply for my visa? is there any requirements?

2. can I apply for my spouse and 2 children visa together with my D visa application? I heard its better to apply together.

3. What is the correct process first get accommodation contract, then apply for myself and family visa together? or first get my visa arrange accommodation and then apply for family?

I want to accompany my family with me.

Please help.

Congrats again.

1. Yes. All checklists I ve seen mention proof of accommodation. It can either be a hotel or Airbnb booking too.
2. Yes
3. Nope if you don't apply for family together. It is most likely going to take a lot of time and unnecessary anxiety. Just apply together.

And all these questions are answered in previous threads in the forum !!!

Thanks anees and maximus for your kind response.
I have one more query regarding family visa application. My employer is sponsoring my visa housing etc and have hired a consultant to do all the filing etc.for me only. I am responsible for family visa. Consultant will be prefilling my D visa application and send me for review and signing.

Can I create a separate online account to file visa application for family? Or I have to go through consultant?? Because I want to submit my family visa together.

It is better to use one online account to file the application (if you can file both yours and your families form a single online ID). Either you tell the consultant to let you do the online form for you and your family. They can do rest of the work for you, but you do the online filling by yourself.

Else, you create an online account and ask them to use it to do the filling for you, and later you do the form filling for your family.

Upto you !

The goal is to make sure your and your families files are presented at the same time and together.

Thanks for your help Anees

Hi Anees,

Its been 2 months now, I have not heard back anything from embassy. The Dofi website still shows the following message when I search my application file number. This is the last week before Christmas and things will go to next year. I don't know whom to reach out?

Le fait que votre commande de recherche ne donne pas de résultats, peut être la conséquence des circonstances suivantes :

-vous avez introduit des données incorrectes

-vous avez introduit le numéro d'une demande de visa qui est traitée par un poste diplomatique ou consulaire qui ne dispose pas encore des moyens nécessaires pour envoyer une demande de visa par voie électronique (consultez la liste); pour le moment, il n'est pas encore possible de consulter l'état de traitement d'une demande de visa envoyée à l'OE par valise diplomatique 

-le poste diplomatique ou consulaire n'a pas envoyé la demande visa parce qu'il a la compétence de délivrer des visas d'office;

-la demande de visa n'a pas été introduite auprès d'un poste diplomatique ou consulaire belge mais auprès d'un poste représentant la Belgique ((*)consultez la liste);

-le poste diplomatique ou consulaire n'a pas encore envoyé la demande de visa ou l'OE na pas encore reçu la demande de visa du Ministère des Affaires étrangères.

La procédure pour le transfert de demandes de visa se déroule somme suit:

Poste diplomatique ou consulaire
Demande de visa

Serveur Affaires étrangères

Serveur Office des étrangers

Service Visa OE     Décision

*    le schéma ci-dessus montre qu'une demande de visa n'est pas envoyée directement par voie électronique par un poste diplomatique ou consulaire à l'OE, mais via un serveur du Ministère des Affaires étrangères; la décision prise par l'OE est également envoyée via le serveur du Ministère des Affaires étrangères au poste diplomatique ou consulaire concerné.

*    le serveur de l'OE reçoit en principe la demande de visa dans un délai d'un à trois jours ouvrables suivant la date d'envoi de la demande de visa par le poste diplomatique ou consulaire; le serveur de l'OE envoie en principe les demandes de visa au service Visa le jour même de la réception.

*    Lorsqu'il y a retard, celui-ci est dû à un problème au niveau du poste diplomatique ou consulaire, du serveur du Ministère des Affaires étrangères ou du serveur de l'OE.

We can do nothing but wait

I got my passport after following up with the embassy. They issued the visa within 10 days but because of their typo error with my phone number it was misplaced between courier and the embassy, Finally, following up with embassy and courier helped me recover my documents/passport.
My family documents are still with the embassy and we have not received any decision and passports. That's strange as they have hold family documents. I have followed up with DOFI infodesk[at] a week before but no response. Even DOFI website still showing same message as posted before.

Can anyone advise whom to reach out?

Embassy must be able to confirm if they sent your family's file to DOFI or not. Nobody else can. If they sent, then wait for the file number to appear in DOFI tracking website.

Embassy is confirming that they have sent the visa application to Belgium. We checked with DOFI and they say we have not received it yet. Cannot trace it on their website. I am selecting "Islamabad" and entering the 5 digit number in the next field. It only shows the message shared before. sent email to DOFI on 21st December and never got a response from them. Do not know where to track the status?

If anyone can suggest good economical hotel in Antwerp with Bed and Breakfast for a week?

When was the application sent to Belgium ? Sometimes it takes even 2 months for the file to start showing status in dofi website.

I believe in mid November,

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