Find an accomodation in London and Madrid


What are the best websites, agencies or magazines you've used to find an accomodation when you arrived in the country you are living in?

What I've used to find a flat when I arrived in London:

Websites -> flatshare and accomodation -> flats to rent in London

Newspapers & Magazines
Loot -> very good

What I've used to find a flat in Madrid

Newspapers & Magazines
Segunda Mano

Of course I'll add everything in the "resources" part of the website.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience ;)


If I had to move (again), I think I'd like to move to Spain.
Since JL Zapaterro is leading the country, Spain has become very modern.
The Spaniards look very open-minded.
The unemployment rate is decreasing very fast, also!

It must be a nice country to move to...

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