Guitar recommendations

Hey guys,

I wondering anyone of you has some experience of playing guitar, and can give me some suggestions of good guitar brand and place that I can buy from? I used to have one but gave away to my friend before relocating here.

Also any folk guitar gigs happening?



Martin is a good choice if you're play acoustic. Taylor is also a  good choice, but the its advantage is on Electric Box Guitar. For more information, you could log on to find more useful information.

thanks!yeah my fellows used to have Matin and Taylor, but I guess the string is quite hard for girls speaking of Martin? any ideas of Cort?

Cort is okay for the elementary level's guitarist, but its quality is not as good as when they enter into china market early. Most of them are OEM made in China.
Actually the string is quite vita for guitar playing.
I used to use Martin strings, D'Addario, and elixir, for the acoustic sound speaking, Martin is the best,  As to girls playing,  you can chose the light 011 string, it much softer.

Great, thanks a lot:)

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