If you want to help the people of Sulawesi

This NGO is a legitimate group (known personally to me) that is putting people and equipment on the ground in the disaster area.

Donations are very welcome.


https://flipboard.com/topic/buckinghamp … d7%2Fco.uk

The Queen makes a private donation to Indonesia disaster fund as death toll from quake and tsunami climbs to 1,600
dailymail.co.uk - Claire Anderson For Mailonline

The Queen has made a private donation the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal to help survivors in Indonesia.

As the relief operation, at least as far as emergency work is concerned, is over, perhaps it's time to un-sticky this thread.
Saying that, a lot of people died, were injured, and left homeless by that tragic event, so I would request posters show a little respect.

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