British Aerodynamics engineer seeks work in Germany

Masters graduate with a First , seeks employment in aerospace/aerodynamics or automotive industries.
I would appreciate some assistance/advice for a close family member ,who is becoming disillusioned at not finding work in the UK.
He is hardworking ,creative and will make a loyal employee.He just needs a chance (like most young people) who have put their heart and soul into their dreams and studies.
Thank you

You need to do research on your own and pose a much more detailed question. The first question will be what passport the person in question has. Makes a big difference if they have an English passport or from S. Africa which is of course outside of the EU. Finding work from a non-EU country means the potential employer must verifying that they cannot find qualified people from within the EU. I have no idea if people with those qualifications are in such short demand that it would work or be worth the trouble for an employer to bother. Sorry but these factors outweigh one’s supposed work ethics or desire to move somewhere. One needs to show they have desired skills and what they can offer an employer – not mention how desperate they might be. And I think the possible employers in the automobile or aerodynamic fields are well known and easily found in the internet.

Another question is language. Some highly qualified academics or people in very niche fields might find positions where is English is accepted or even expected - but most jobs in German require one to speak good German. In general, without passable German the job opportunities will be limited.

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