Change of Client Name on Blue Card

Hey Guys,

I am wondering if anyone can help me understand the possibility of and process around changing the Client name on my Blue Card (Belgium WP).

My organization would like to relocate me to Belgium and my Blue Card is having the name of client already written on this. Am i only allowed to work for same client or I may request to change the name of the client based on work allocation.

Please help...

Blue card is the other word used for professional card  or EU blue card which is totally different from WP type B :) WP B is also printed on a blue paper.. hehe..

Now, if your employer acquired a WP type B for you, they must be responsible for that. If they ask you to work on another project it must be their responsibility to make sure your WP B holds valid for that purpose.

To answer your question, no, you cannot change the name of the client on your WP. It is on your employer.

Thank you for a prompt reply.

I agree that employer can only authorize and facilitate the change.

Could you please advise about the process and processing duration.

Well, this may mean they have to apply for a fresh WP cancelling this one. It may take upto 2 months for the new one to be processed.

I would suggest to consult your employer and if they can confirm you can work for a different project with this WP, you are good to go.

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