Thailand tired of expats

see my post with the requirements a bit down

Well the government is finally tightening up on immigration regulations that have been not really enforced, plus, people are really bending the rules more than they should be , the rules were always there, some people just like to do as they want in a foreign country and sort of got used to that, there are other countries like, Vietnam and the Philippines that are easier on visa stays, and so people want that in Thailand, well it isn't up to them as they are a non voting resident, so choose to complain.
       I have no problem with the rules as written and enforced. I have a Thai wife (8) years and family and live in a very quiet town far from anything of interest, no temples , no beaches, so no parties, no foreigners, no high expenses and no traffic jams, like Thailand of old, a perfect place to relax and just putter with things I like to quietly do. So I am purposefully not mentioning my town as I like it just the way it is. It is a wonderful place to live as long as you play by their rules.

I totally agree with you if you live by the rules. Which of course I do.
My father and I invested a lot of money in this country and have assets here.
But we do things correct and do things without cutting corners which I feel personally
is right. I am a long term expat here so best thing for me is follow all the rules and respect.

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