Panama weather, bugs and mozzies

I've read about the wet and dry seasons. During the wet season...does it rain all day, showers on and off, or a quick afternoon thunderstorm?
Is the humidity less after the rain?
Is the humidity less in the mountain towns?
In Atlanta, GA, you can't dare go into your garden without being dosed with bug's só bad! What's the situation in Panama?

In wet season usually mornings are beautiful, afternoons cloud up and it rains in the late afternoon, and clears up in the evening...... usually, in general. Some days it may not rain, and others it might rain into the night and sometimes it can dump epic amounts on water on you in a short time. Humidity is more after rain.... all that water on everything, ya know. Mountain towns are also humid, sometimes more humid. If you don’t like humidity Panama is not for you. The driest part is the Azeuro Penninsula, Pedasi, Las Tablas, Chitre etc.

I live on the north side of David. Behind our house are woods and a river so one would expect a lot of mosquitoes.  But no... there are a few, but not enough to send me indoors in the evenings. I think I heard they were bad in a beach area near here, but I’ve never been bothered much anywhere I’ve gone in Panama. In the US anywhere I lived you couldn’t go out when the sun got low so this is a nice surprise here.

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