Saudi work visit visa exit-entry via Bahrain causeway

Does anyone know that Saudi work visit visa exit-entry can be done via Bahrain causeway? (For Australian Passport holders). I have done it once in August 2018, but it seems like the rules have changed and Saudi work visit visa holders are now required to take flight to Bahrain and back. Please confirm

The rules have not changed but are just being enforced.

If your visa says OPEN in mode of travel, you can travel by road.  If it says AIR, then you cannot.   In the past, after making first entry via air, you could travel via road on subsequent entries.

Thanks for the reply. After my first entry via Airport, I did cross the border via causeway in Aug 2018. However, someone is telling that it is no longer possible. Anyone have any experience after August 2018? may be in September or October 2018?

As I said, they were lenient in the past and let you travel from second entry onwards via the road even if the visa said Air. Not anymore.

Any idea if this has become a bit more lenient? Planning a trip with the Mrs (i am a resident, she is on a multiple visit visa - American passport).

I'd appreciate a feedback.


No.  Same as before.

So you wouldn't suggest i'd just take the risk and go?

I wouldn't.  It was lenient for years and years until recently.  So the change seems well thought out.  I don't expect it to reverse overnight. 

If you want to take the risk, you can.  Just have a backup plan in place.

You can exit Saudi via the causeway but they will deny entry back into the Kingdom via the causeway. This happened to my colleague a few weeks back and he had to fly back

Your colleague was still lucky i.e. that he was allowed to exit.  For a lot of others, they stopped them from even exiting.

Just called the Causeway’s passport control to confirm.
The answer was short and straight
If your visa states air as the mode of transport, then you can only fly out and in of the country.

Yep.  That is what I have been saying repeatedly over the last two months on many threads like this.  But people just don't want to believe any news that causes them inconvenience :)

I guess because it’s more of a silly rule that is never heard of before anywhere else :s

Actually no.  This rule was always in place - they were just not enforcing it.  Yeah it  doesn't make sense but they are not the only country doing it - I have seen similar issues on the land borders in Asia e.g. Malaysia / Singapore etc.

I am an American on a biz (visitor) visa that says "flight" and was allowed to leave KSA via the causeway 2 weeks ago, and was told I could drive back in but only because I'm American. I'm due a visa run soon and will encourage my company to research the options, since it's their dime, not mine.

You are lucky. My american colleague was stopped. And so were other Americans on this forum. The enforcement is up to the person at the counter in this part of the world.

Got confirmation today that an American colleague crossed into KSA without incident. Again, the US consulate has been working on getting this reversed. Looks like American weight has won the day for us. I hope the Saudis relax on this for everyone though.

were you able to drive back to Saudi?

I have just spoken to Immigration on the causeway and the ban has been lifted for British nationals holding fly in/out visa.

Only British passports? Any idea about Australian passport?

Sorry no! But this is the number. (‭013 668 7400‬) Ask for immigration and they will tell you. Good luck!

thanks a lot, mate!

They have started easing it for some nationalities based on the respective clout and who makes the most noise.

The first one to be relaxed was Americans and now British.   As far as I know, for most of the rest, this is still in place.

How to check the mode of travel?

Says so on the top left side of visa in Arabic. Joo for air and maftuu for open.

Thanks XTang.
Visa stamping mentioned Maftuu so I can go by road if having Bahrain visa, right?


Its is mentioned in your visa. Next to your designation, in your visa, you find in Arabic way of travel. Way of travel depends on the designation in the visa during application.

E.G. I have a 2 yr work visit visa, designation Project Engineer, Way of travel ; by road, air and sea


Hello Guys, can you confirm if this has been changed for Americans? Multiple Entry visa, mode of entry: Air.

The rule hasn't changed.  They are just not applying it on Americans as per what people are saying :)

Well fingers crossed then.

Will try it out in the coming weekends and confirm if Americans are actually able to cross without any hassle, even if the visit visa states that the mode of travel is by Air.

Otherwise, it's Khobar all over again hehe.

Good luck.  Let us know :)

Hi am in al khobar,i have my wife and daughter under 1 year visit visa,after 6 month i want to send them bahrain through king fahad causeway,
Could any ome please explain to obtain the visa for bahrain for Saudi visit visa holders.

I think the visit visa holders can exit via causeway after obtaining a visa from Bahrain. However, they may have to fly back to Saudi

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