Hidradenitis suppurativa patient

Hi, i have recently been diagonesed in my home countr with HS, and in my opnion it is progressing rapidly, it started with only in my armpits 3 months ago and now i have my first flare up between my legs. If anyone could guide to a doc who they have experence with regarding this condition i would be most thanful

I think you need to ask for a referral for a good dermatologist as most people won't be able to know what you are talking about and which kind of doctor treats that.

But HS is not curable just like that; only symptoms are managed when they flare up.  The disease will stick with you anywhere from a few years to a life time.  For long term relief, good doctors will advise making lifestyle changes such as:

lose any excess weight
stop smoking, if you smoke
use an antiseptic skin wash or antiseptic soap
wear loose-fitting clothes
avoid shaving affected skin and avoid wearing perfume or perfumed deodorants in the affected areas

I was diagnosed with it in Dubai in 2011.  Today, i don't have it and all I did was start exercising regularly and dropped 15 kg :).

I’m so happy for you that you have put HS in remission. And i do agree with what your saying that its incurable and not a lot of doc know about it and i dont want just a doc to put me on long term antibiotics.
How bad was yours before you got rid of it?
I’m trying to lose weight also but obviously that will take time and in the mean time my HS has moved from being inly in my armpits to also between my lega .

It was quite bad.  Like in your case, it started from armpits and then moved to the pelvic area.  I just made some lifestyle changes and then in less than a year, the situation started improving and 2 years later, it had all but disappeared.  And now, there is absolutely no sign of it even though I smoke quite a lot.

I am healed of Hidradenitis.  But it was a long journey to get healing.

I had to go through medicines from the doctors and antibiotics was their thing and
In fact combinations of antibiotics, really a whole load of all kinds of these but really
These did  not work.
Also all kinds of medicines found in the internet and more.
I had to read several stories of people who said or made you think they really cured
Their HS but that was a waste of time and money.

I’ve read stories of more and more people who wrote stuff about trying these and trying
That and when you get to the end, find out they did not succeed, it’s just stories and stories giving
Others hope but nothing to fix this thing.

Then I had to go through surgery because that was the last option I had left.
But after surgery, no, it was still swelling in down below the belt and above the belt
So there was nothing giving me comfort or relief.

I started to think that in a past life I had done some evil and probably some sex crimes to others.

But I never stopped reading about HS and what other people were recommending for this disease.

But there was one time I found interesting  & read of Claire , a lady who wrote of fixing her Hidradenitis which was the worst kind for her.  But her story is good because it was a story of winning meaning she got over HS.

She was the final lead since she wrote of her taking several medications just like me which
was a whole list of stuff and she stated one of these trials she did lead her to a cure.
So I followed her lead and got healing.

Where can you read about Claire?
       [link moderated]

And the source stuff that healed her & me
       [link moderated]

I told myself, If I ever get healed of HS, I will write my story.

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