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Does anything like the LABOUR PERMIT APPROVAL exist in the beginning of employment process in UAE for expats? I've got a job offer for a company named Ahalia oil and energy in Dubai, but a bit concerned if it is a real company or not. I could not find any press releases mentioning this company even they have a website, which has very week content in my opinion. They are mentioning about the cost of  LABOUR PERMIT APPROVAL in the e-mail, so I got in doubt for it. It seems a scam. Right?


Hi Laurel

I have also got a job offer from the same company with the same terms of conditions. I totally agree with you, maybe it scams. in offer letter he offering a 2months salary in advance and unable to pay the cost of  LABOUR PERMIT APPROVAL?

I am also searching about that and if you found anything about this company please share with me and I will also share with you as well

Exactly, it seems too good to be real) I agree, offering so much tasty benefits they afraid to cover these costs?! ridiculous! Of course I’ll share.

I also got a job offer from Ahalia a few days ago, they mentioned that they saw my profile at LinkedIn, so they interested on my experience.
From the begining the not mentioned any concrete position at their company, but they requested my CV to know which is the suitable position for me, I sent it, but now they are requesting some extra information, like some kind of written interview. They don't want to make a telephone conference arguing some bad excuses.
Until now they still didn't provide any detail of the vacancy...
So, if they saw my profile at LinkedIn (which is very clear about my carrer and skills) and also the got my CV, I thik is enough to provide some details of the offered job...
At the web page (very poor by the way) and the mails that I received they have an adress in Dubai indicating that their offices are at the 11 floor. Looking at the google maps, that adress corresponds to a comercial center with some mid-low profile stores and a very bad food court, the building has not more than 5 floors...
So, I conclude that the job is fake.

In LINKDIN I found just 3 persons profiles and all are belongs to Ahalia energy HR department, which of one is recently join Ahalia energy and also he viewed my LinkedIn profile, But I didn’t found a person who are sending me emails.

I wrote an inquiry to Dubai Economy Dept. about the authentication of this company. As soon as get a fredback I’ll share. But I assume it’s a scam. … DnoECAsQCQ[/img]QoiowDnoECAsQCQ[/img]

Floor 11, Al Khaleej Center,
Al Mankool Road,
Bur Dubai,

In given address A-Khaleej center there are 7th floors only, surprisingly Ahalia office in the air   :D

Hahaha))) exactly, I also noticed it. … vetab=main

any news

I can't believe this discussion is happening.  We have dozens on thread on these forums covering similar topics i.e. recruitment scams in UAE and GCC.   I suggest you guys browse through the forums.

Simply, if any company asks you to pay for anything , it is a scam.  Under UAE law, employers are not supposed to charge you for visas or for tickets to bring you here. All these costs are borne by the employers.

Hi everyone.

I received the same a few days ago!!!

We are in contact,

Best regards from México.

This is what I got from DED:

Thank you for contacting Dubai Economy.

As per DED’s system, kindly note that there is no registered company in DED with the name of “Ahalia Oil And Energy PVT ( Ahalia Energy )”.

You may check online if the trade license is active within Dubai mainland by using the license number or English trade name. Steps are shown below:

1.       Visit the website:
2.       Click on “Search License Information”
3.       Type the license number or the English Trade Name
4.       Type the codes shown in the captcha box then click “Search”


Note: If the company is a free zone company, kindly contact the concerned free zone authority for better assistance.

First, I received an e-mail

[b]You are here by notified that your qualifications and experiences which you submitted on LINKEDIN were found suitable for the requirements of AHALIA OIL AND ENERGY UAE

For verification and screening, you are to submit your most recent RESUME/CV as soon as possible for an employment interview to be conducted online and Immediate employment. On notification of interest, & for re-confirmation purposes you're required to submit your most recent resume/CV to XXXXXXXXXX

We shall conduct an Online Interview to necessitate the issuance of our employment contract agreement.

Thank you for your cooperation .

I sent it and one day later i received the mail from the company to complete a written interview. I sent it, and after seven days I received an email with the employment/contract agreement attached to it.


Consequently, upon your application for job engagement with our prestigious company “AHALIA ENERGY UAE”, we are pleased to intimate you that you are hereby offered employment as POSITION DESCRIPTION with effect from 8th December, 2018. Attached is our employment contract agreement and the AHALIA ENERGY employment form. On satisfaction of its conditions , please complete your acceptance by signing and returning the contract agreement and the employment form with a copy of your most recent MEDICAL REPORT within 3 working days.

This is a family status Employment Contract Agreement, your family will benefit from our company entitlement programs. All flight tickets,traveling allowances, educational assist benefits for employee's children at his/her home country or here in UAE, well furnished housing Apartment will be provided for you and every member of your family.

All offers of employment are contingent upon verification of personal identity and work authorization as required by the Arabian immigration reform & control act of 2015. Further instructions and information will be communicated to you once we receive copies of signed contract agreement.

However, having received this agreement letter duly signed by you, we shall appoint you and your documents shall be sent to our immigration expert accredited to you in UAE. He shall stand for you in processing your entire traveling documents. He would help you to obtain your work papers and Visa to take off from your Country to UAE for your career.

Moreover, you are expected to follow the company's traveling policy. So for this reason you should take care of the cost of your LABOUR PERMIT APPROVAL. Your readiness with the LABOUR PERMIT APPROVAL fees will enable the immigration expert proceed to facilitate the immediate processing of your visa application forms and other traveling documents without any delay from the Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

We look forward to seeing you carry out your duties diligently and conscientiously, we wish you many fruitful years of service and very successful career with our company.

Thank you for your cooperation

Head, Human Resources Dept

I have to say that this people did their homework,  the position and the activities description in the Employment Contract Agreement are according to my experience, at least they had read my cv jaja. It's fake, obviously.

Hello everybody, this is another message I got from the business center managment. So please ignore any job offers from Ahalia oil and energy. Good luck!

Dear Sir,

In reference to your email below, please be informed that AHALIA OIL AND ENERGY is not located nor have an office in our building. Furthermore, we are having seven floors only for the offices.  Hence, please be noted that we do not have any records for the mentioned company.

Thank you.


Tel. No. : 04-355-5550
Fax No. : 04-355-8635
Email Add. : admin.alk[at]
Website :
Office No. 112 Al Khaleej Centre Al Mankhool Road Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE
P.O. Box No. : 103512

You did the same that I did:

Dear Sir,

In reference to your email below, please be informed that AHALIA OIL AND ENERGY is not located nor have an office in our building. Furthermore, we are having seven floors only for the offices.  Hence, please be noted that we do not have any records for the mentioned company.

Thank you.


Any reputable company will have personnel or an agency to look after all aspects of joining a job / project any company that expects you to pay any upfront fees or permits to them or their appointed Laywers are a scam.

my all hopes has gone hahahahaha, I got this offer on oct 10, 2018..
it is scam.

Professional hahahahahahaha

OCT 10
Emmanuel Good
at 11:17 AM


There is on-going oil/gas exploration in Dubai, AHALIA OIL & ENERGY is recruiting worker in Dubai Kindly send your CV immediately if you are interested and certificates to back up your qualifications stated on your CV to them via email:

Thank you

I received same contract as yours. finally the agent asked me money for application of foreign worker permit in UAE. i think it is a fake news.

Hello everyone, I confirm that this company does not exist! they have copied a site below and changed the logo on the internet! It is a scam

Dear everyone,
Yesterday I received an exact same email from AHALIA with interview form to submit.
I haven't submit the form as I was curious.

Today I searched though google, and I found this topic in this forum.
Thanks a lot to everybody that now I know AHALIA Energy is a fake company.


I got a job offer today with exactly the same text!
I had my doubts at the beginning, but I know now for a fact it's a scam.
Regards from Peru


I got exactly the same mail this morning.

This is not happening.


Hi to you all,

And thanks to you all for highlighting this scam - I am another name to add to the long list above!!! My story in short - I was also contacted by them, Aisah Bujang HR, through Linked-in (profile???) and then asked by Afshan Ahmed (comment thread) to complete their online evaluation form. I then came across this forum while doing more research on the company, just in time it seems :)!



Hello everyone, I followed the game, they ask you $ 1590 for visa procedures, there is the scam.

"The Foreign Workers Permit has a fixed fee of $1590. Once we get your signed contract paper, we will introduce you to the immigration expert who will guide you through the procurement process."

Hi Everyone, I have got a job offer from them with the request to pay for FWP approval. I have asked them to pay for FWP and received the following answer:
"We acknowledge the receipt of your email and it's content, we wish to inform you that  it's against the company policy to pay for FWP because in some cases after paying for the FWP the employee may decide not to work with our company anymore due to one reason or another then the company will be at lost of the cost of the FWP, the company will refund you the cost of the FWP upon your arrival in Dubai, this is the company policy and procedure which every employee must follow."

Obviously it is a scam(((

I had the same approach.

I’ve receive exactly the same but a different company *Al Dowali Oil and Gas*

I’ve receive similar email from *Al Dowali Oil and Gas* yesterday!!!!

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