Purpose of Journey in visa application form and contribution fund

I received my B work  permit and applying for my long stay visa along with family (wife+infant).
In the application I need to select purpose of journey after selecting visa type(D). Can anybody guide what option I should select from below  for myself and my dependents?

1. Paid work  (I suppose this option for my own application)
2. Family reunion art.10
3. Family reunion art.40
4. Family reunion spouse worker art10 bis$2
5. Independent means

Also, can anybody confirm how much contribution fund to be paid for each of us?
This would be a great help from all forum members, as  my employer is hiring third country national first time and helpless on the visa process from India.

what is the difference between.

2. Family reunion art.10


4. Family reunion spouse worker art10 bis$2

Questions has already been answered a lot of time on this forum.
Please use the search option.

art 10 is for non-EU with permanent residentship in Belgium. (ID card B, C, D)
art 10bis is for non-EU with temporary residentship in Belgium. (ID card A, H)
art 40bis EU citizen (ID card E, E+)
art 40ter Belgian

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