Why it take 10 days or more for wire transfer to your BR bank from US

I have to wire money every month from US to BR bank. It takes 10 to 12 business day to be posted.
Anyone else?

Use TransferWise, it's cheaper and fast (usually one day).

Thanks Craig. I will look into it. Had HSBC now Bradesco. Could do bank to bank transfers no cost and 1 day with HSBC. Bradesco holds everything and cannot get answer from them.
HSBC charges now but rebates at end of the month.
I will look into Transferwise

I transfer from USAA bank to Bradesco and its minimal fee depending on how much you send (normally no more than $12-15 USD). I do it a couple times a month to my account or wife. Very easy to set up and easy to use. Its also very secure and I have not had any problems over the past 6 months using it.

I used to do the ATM dance a few days each month to get all the money I needed for paying bills, but it was really dangerous to be carrying that much cash around. My bank would reimburse the ATM fees for each withdrawal.

My experience with TransferWise mirrors Craig's:  1-2 business days after the funds leave my US account, they're available in my Brazilian (Banco do Brasil) account.
Sometimes, you're still going to want to make a SWIFT transfer, and a SWIFT transfer from a US bank to a major bank like Bradesco should be available in 2-3 business days, 4 at the very outside.  Your transfers may be setting off a money laundering alarm somewhere along the way, causing the delay.  There are a couple of things you can do to avoid that, if you haven't already:
1. Establish a personal relationship at the bank with the back office staff, not just the tellers.  In this high-touch society, that never hurts, and almost always helps.  Tell them your normal transfer schedule and amounts.  They'll ask the reasons for the transfers; since they're probably "rent and living expenses", that info will be on file for future transfers.  At the same time, you can reset your ATM, online banking, and cellphone banking limits to the highest the bank allows, or to the level you're most comfortable with.
2. Try to schedule the same or similar amounts for approximately the same time every month.  Transfers out of pattern, or with no pattern, seem to be flagged,
3. If you're going to have an unusual transfer, notify your bank contact in advance.  When we bought our apartment last May, that involved an extraordinary transfer, as you can imagine.  The Federal Police could have held it up for a couple of weeks, but it went right through, because we reviewed the transaction and the schedule for passing papers with the bank a couple of days ahead of time -- and, I'm sure, because they knew us.

Thanks adthree. I have been many times to Bradesco telling them I would make 3 transfers. For expenses and insurance and car taxes with no success, They even told me to try not making the same amount each time.(???)
I do not see how $800USD each time would set of an alarm . Currently still waiting on a 9-24-18 wire to Bradesco.
Each January I have to go to back and fill in my status which is the same every year.
I begin to think the bank waits on the exchange rate to be lower than my initial wire. The Real has been over $4 but I di not get that when final deposited, HSBS doe not charge me any fees,

If you use TransferWise you get a locked in rate for exchange. Stop doing bank transfers and change to TransferWise. It's much faster and very reliable.

Yeah, something's wrong at your bank.  Exchange alarms start going off around R$10,000, not $800 US.
As Craig said, give TransferWise a try.  They won't play games with you, and they're fast.
And, although I know it's a huge hassle, I'd consider changing banks.  Caixa and BB are everywhere, and Caixa had marginally lower fees than anyone else, when we went bank shopping last year.

Got it worked out. Thanks Bradesco

I did a wire from US first time to Bradsceo to pay to a car dealer Toyota for a new car. It was over 20k. It went out on the 13 now the 22 still no transfer. I don’t have a account with  the bank the car dealer does. Also there have been total two holidays one in each business week. Now on my 6 business day waiting for the wire to post. Any suggestions I called my US bank they said to wait till next Wednesday then start a trace and or recall the money. It came from my home sale in the US. I know now to use another service which I seen recommended. Thanks for any suggestions

Normally if it going to a 3rd party as a dealer it should work faster. Have the dealer follow up since their account.
You do have a CPF, correct?

I started to realize this a third party probably work faster. This my first time moving money. I gave the Toyota dealer a copy of my CPF and permitted residence with passport copy. It’s now 8 business day but in reality two weeks. We had two holidays in the two weeks. Wire went out on 13 the Toyota deal is calling the bank now on a daily basis. I think because first time and over 20 k for the car Feds are holding it up. Any way to find out where the money is in process. Thanks

It is all up to the dealer since going into its account. Banco do Brasil would have answers if Bradesco does not.

I just got update today it’s been released to the Bank now they are saying 5 to 8 days to be processed. Not sure it why it take this long to exchange into Reals and put into the account. The good new it’s at the bank now been 10 business days to get there.. I think the Federal Process was delayed it. Next time will use a service if needed. Also just tried to take out 1000 reals from ATM  was able to do it twice at two different machines. My limited is higher so will try three tomorrow.

TransferWise is nice but I couldn't sent money to business account and my last transfer is going quite a slow (itt got fast to Brazil... but here ... it's another day and no confirmation). But previous four transfer went smoothy (but amount of all of them was  < 500 USD)

If you sent more than 10000 I not sure if this is Dollare or Reals it go to the Federal investigation my wire was sent by my bank same day to Brazil but was in the Federal investigation process for 10 business days. Two of the week there were 2 holidays these don’t  count along with weekend as business days. Still not finished it will be close to one month for the wire to be finally be deposited and convert to Real in the business account. Now the holidays are coming . Learning maybe easier way

If the amount you sent from the US to Brazil was less than 20,000 reals I wouldn’t have used any other transfer company apart from TransferWise. They allow you to send 20,000 reals per month without having to show any additional documentation. From the UK funds usually arrive in a Brazilian account between 6 hours and 48 hours max (it has never taken that long).

You can also monitor the progress of your transfer which can be done via the app, so you know exactly what is going on. If the payment is delayed even by a few hours you are kept in the loop.

The only catch is that it cannot be sent to a business account in Brazil.

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