SNB rejected my application

hello, posting this to get some insight
i am from the Philippines, a nurse, i have applied for a nurse job in singapore via my agency  here in manila, i have passed all my exam and interview,
when yesterday sept 28 my agency called me that i was rejected on my application by the SNB, i asked the reason why and they cannot tell me they have just told me that i was just rejected, i still dont know why i was rejected i have passed all exam and interview and passed all required documents on time by them, the only document that was delayed in sending was a "cross reference check" by the SNB given to my hospital on late august,  this is due because the HR in my hospital told me that they didnt send it immediate after i signed it because i was not able to send a tentative resignation letter to my hospital. and was only send this late september. is it possible to ask why my application was rejected because i really dont know why i was rejected, and is it possible to make it through again?

You can reach out them (SNB team) and find out if they can help you to know the reason. Below link for your reference:

Note: Sometimes the agent behaves dishonestly and you will never know the truth. Good luck

thank you the reply, should i also make an email to my supposed hospital that i was gonna be in also regarding this matter?

You can reach them but I am not sure if agent is actually in discussion with that hospital.

In fact it’s advisable, if you see they have openings in their job career, then you can directly apply without going through an agent. Good luck

thank you for the advise surya2k, will make an email to them today so i might get a reply on monday

Don’t expect so quickly. They may take couple of days to a week. Good luck

thank you, already mailed the SNB, told me on their mail that they cant disclose individual application but have to message the employing hospital. problem is I already messaged them like about 1 week ago now, still no reply from that hospital

Then you better wait for the reply from the hospital.

The employing hospital has informed me that they have inquired SNB on why my application got rejeted. It was stated that due to my transcript that i was rejected. I still dont know why that was the problem since it was my school who had sent it to them, and all of it was uptodate after my graduation.
Question is now am i still eligble to apply as a nurse in Singapore because of that problem or am I barred from applying indefinitely?
Should i just message SNB regarding this inquiry?

If I understand this correctly, your nursing certificate is not recognised by SNB.
That means, you cannot work in Singapore in jobs that require SNB recognition.
You could ask SNB what you can do to get recognised (e.g. additional courses, etc.).

Yes will be asking SNB, problem is because i am not really the first person from my school to go and work in Singapore as a nurse, there were 2 other senior students who have applied and worked there in Singapore as stated by my registrar when i was requesting for my transcript.
Thanks for answering my questions.

Hi! Good day.. May i ask if were u able to ask the snb about the rejection?

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