foreign worker filing a lawsuit

what can i do when the judge is obviously unfair in the course of a lawsuit against the company due to unfair dismissal?
now i'm proceeding my lawsuit in person since i confirmed two previous lawyers had the problem.
i can't mention much here, but is there any way that i can transfer my case to another court if i have strong evidence to proof?
appreciated if i could have some information on this.

Good luck. It's well known that judges and lawyers generally side with locals. Unless you are out of pocket a lot of money, I would just find a new job and be done with it. It's not worth the grief and heartache.

thank you for saying so much realistic thing, but i started  because it was too difficult to get a new job after the word of dismissal  and also it has been lasting over a year

you will just lose more money. if ur not native, u lose - unless u pay the judge/courts huge bribes.

theres no right/wrong in asia. just bribes

thanks for your advice... i knew it too but i don't want to admit it..thanks for letting me remind

You are  playing on their court and obviously do not know how the courts work here. The one that prevails is the one that pays the largest “ lobbying” fee. If your up against soneone  can not pay more than you tgen your in good shape. You can appeal the courts ruling. I THINK in all civil case you have 15 calender days to appeal. You could pay the.                   “ lobbying” fee to the appelet  judge. Yes, if your a forrigner you can go to the main civil court in HCM if that is where this is being ajudicated. Otherwise it becomes a juristictional  issue. You did not say if you were the plantiff or the defendant in the case. That would play a part.
Not sure why your saying it prsents a problem with you getting another job unless they flagged your documents just do not tell anyone you worked for this company.
This is not a country of that goes by the “ rule of law” way of life your perhaps use to. Better off theowing your cads in and fold in most cases here.
And the old axiom that a person who represents himself has a fool for a client always holds true, unless you have a background in law. For unless you know the rules of evidence according to the rules of civil procedure you will not even be able to have your evidence seen or heard.

To the OP: all you can win is experience. But the case, you will lose.
Assuming, you are not a Vietnamese speaker will make it even more difficult for you, when you a going alone.
Embassies usually also have a list of lawyers, they would recommend/use.
Maybe it's worthwhile, to check out their opinions

OP, I have had my fair share of disappointments. The education business is ripe with scammers and many businesses rip off teachers with impunity.

* There might be verbal contracts with handshakes. $ 1,600 seemed too good to be true. Guess what? It was! So the  game is being played until the owner has plenty of videos. Then the hapless foreigner is told some excuse (like: "we only hire staff through this agent...").

FREE testdrives are what I enjoy.

Then there was this center working on the campus of a leading university. They gave me a Chinese contract and later declared that as illegal. Payment for weeks' of service? Let's see. 0 VND.

Yes, I would be happy to pay a helpful cop half.

A pro-bono lawyer sent letters, which have been ignored.

the thing is, if such behavior is permitted, foreigners will stop dealing with Vietnamese, period.
OP, care to share what this is all about, in general terms? Were you the employer or the employee? How much money are we talking about?

AFAIK, government teachers must pay incredible amounts to buy their jobs.

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