Looking for Job, experience in Banking

Hi All... I'm looking for a job in KL area.

I have experienced working in Citibank Jakarta-Indonesia for 12 years and then move to Malaysia working in CIMB for 6 month but then I resigned due to my husband got transfer to another city but now we already back to KL for the past 3 month and I'm looking for a job.
I'm Indonesian and married with Malaysian, holding following husband visa.

Really appreciate if any one can give reference or information for me :)

Check with e-financial careers:

https://www.efinancialcareers.my/search … ageSize=10

Sounds like you already may have your LTSVP endorsed with the right to work - if so make sure you mention this when you make applications.

Thank u Gravitas :)

I saw that American Express are hiring as well.

Well noted. Will try to look the information :)

Try LinkedIn!

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