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I am recently divorced mom, who is looking to move to Seoul. I am looking to get a certificate to teach English. I ideally would find a school that would provide housing for myself and my daughter. We could easily share a 1 bedroom. Would I make enough to support both of us? I would still be getting child support to help supplement my income. I have permission from my EX to take her out of country. Thank you in advance you any help.

Hi housing is standard in all TEFL jobs in Korea as tax laws allow it to be tax free if paid for by the company.

To teach in Korea you need a British-US-ANZAC or South African passport holder. No others allowed at all. You will need a degree. Thats not flexible either.

A CELTA is certainly a good idea as it is training in effective delivery of EFL lessons.

The serious issue is your daughter. I doubt you would be offered a job with that extra problem in TEFL. Apart from the other serious issue a good international school is 50,000 usd per year. Have you thought this through properly? Salaries are typically 2,000 usd per month!

I am in the process of gaining information about this, thus the reason I posted on here. I am trying to gain as much information as possible so I can "properly" think this through.

thank you for your words.

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