Community Living.

I want to share a plan that I have in the works, one that has been  buzzing around in my head for  a very long time.  I have come across a superb 5 bedroom house each with their private bathrooms , lovely grounds, large peaceful living rooms, pool etc etc. a stone's throw from the Ferier grounds and Hotel Jerez. Public transportation and city centre within walking distance . It is up for rent and I am hoping to offer a community lifestyle under one roof to couples or individuals who are facing difficulties,presently or in the future and will be needing help to some degree with every day living. This place will offer help as a collective group, some of us have know eachother over the years and realize we are not too far from the signs of aging ourselves. So essentially, preparing a place  for ourselves for the future

This has been a vision of mine for a long time and I know there isn't a Community Living like this available in Jerez, and while we are able, hope that those who will realize the importance of a "with one we do little, together we do more" attitude, will benefit from security and comfort of a home we will create together.
Obviously I would like to share my vision with a select group to fill the rooms. There are 2 more couples to complete a comfortable group of like minded individuals.
Your ideas and open discussion will be appreciated. Further details on request.

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