Socializing in Turku (or can Henrik make it in Turku?)

I am Henrik and I am 34 (for now it is about me).
I moved to Turku from Helsinki because I got a Job here. Since most of my friends are in Helsinki, it is a bit boring for me here in Turku (to be honest not just a bit but a lot!). Practically (and also in theory!), I don't have any friends here. I just reached upon this website and wanted to give it a try ( is it a wise thing to do? who cares). I am wondering if there is anyone out there interested in a chit-chat over a coffee and to talk about wide range of topics from art to technology and from music to natural sciences.
Making a friend should be started from somewhere.
Are you in for a constructive joyful ride? (it sounds like what they say in ads, oh my goodness!). If yes, I will be more than happy.


Hei Henrik! Welcome to Turku!
There are several groups on Facebook where you can connect with local English-speakers.
Check out IESAF TURKU and Expat Turku Network to start with. Thereafter it depends what your interests are. There are groups for students, families, football & rugby, church and more. . . Come and introduce yourself

Kiitos paljon Maria!

I will surely check them out. An (English) book club/forum/group would be perfect! Do you know any of these here in Turku?


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