Jordan Tourist Visa Requirements for traveling via road

I am planning to visit Jordan with family via road on personal vehicle, crossing the border at Haql, I am a Pakistani passport holder with Saudi iqama, can anyone plz share the visa requirements?
I found online that for Pakistani passport holders, pre-arrival visa clearance is required but I couldn't find relevant details on the Jordan Embassy website.

I went last year via air and secured visa for me and my family from the Embassy first as they don't allow us (Pakistani passports) visa on arrival even if we have KSA iqama. Four years ago, visa on arrival was possible but it was suddenly stopped without any prior information and two of my friends were sent back from the same flight without entering Jordan.

However, based on online trolls and met couple of other Pakistanis who were welcomed on border via road. There are 2 points of entries (1 near to Aqaba and other is near to Ammar) and we are only welcomed from one border which I suspect to be near Aqaba as places around Aqaba are tourist destinations like Wadi Musa (Petra) and Wadi Rum, not the other. But I'm not 100% sure about it as I discussed these points more than year ago. But overall risks still remain there that based on developing political situation in ME, things keep on getting changed all the time.

Visa requirements as far as I remember are usual. i.e. Flight ticket, hotel confirmation, Iqama, exit-retentry (this was a major challenge for me as they want full information in English dates which usually appear in the first issued paper), passport with 6 months validity and a fee (Again my bad memory to remember the fee). They take exactly 14 days to secure approval after which you go back, they check the security clearance and take another 2-3 days to stamp the passport. Thats it.

Thanks a lot!

Assalamualikum Irfan, I have read in another forum that you were able to get Visa on Arrival last year, can you plz share details for that? Did you visit the Jordan embassy in Riyadh and they guided you for visa on arrival?

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