Will it be difficult to apply for a job without any experience?

Hi everyone,

I've just finished my masters degree (MSc Statistics) in the UK and am hoping to move to Beijing to start my career as a data scientist. I have been told there are many jobs in my area but I lack experience (zero) and do not know Mandarin.

So I'd just like to ask you guys if you were in a similar situation as me or know of someone who started their career (excluding English language teacher) in China right after completing education.

I am slightly worried that my lack of experience will make it near impossible to find a job, although I have yet to apply.

Not impossible. Just difficult.

I wrote a post about this very thing on my blog. It's titled "How to build up your life from nothing".  Go HERE.

Here are my thoughts on what a young man can do to build up his life when he exits school. It does not matter if the school is college, High School, or elementary school. There comes a point in time when you need to make the transition from a student to a worker.

Everyone has their thoughts on this. Here are mine.

I wish you the best.

Thanks for your reply VANNROX,

It is encouraging to know that it’s not impossible. I’m very determined to move there and so hopefully it can happen.

From my understanding, after I receive a job offer, I can apply for a Work visa (Z) and after all the documentation is sorted out and Accomodation I can move. Maybe I make it sound really simple which I’m sure it won’t be. Anyways thanks for your reply. It is very encouraging.

This is China. It IS simple.

One of the first surprises that I got when I arrived in China was how surprisingly easy everything was. Yes, there all all kinds of red tape and procedures, but you know what? You don't ever need to worry about that. Your employer takes care of it all.

All you need to do is go out there. Do your best. Give it your absolute best. Smile. Be nice. be kind. Things WILL work out.

When I moved to China, I had decades of experience in Engineering Management. i couldn't find any work in my field. So I taught English, then worked hard trying to find work in my field. It took me a while, but eventually something broke lose. Things will happen. You need to be determined. You need to work at it.

You need a dream.

Go forward with all that you have, and do not look back. Build up connections in China. Network in your field on LinkedIN. work and make friends. It can happen. have faith and go forth!

You need faith and a plan. And you must keep at it and never give up. Never... ever... ever give it. Things will happen. It happened for me, and I promise you that it will happen for you as well.

Thanks so much! I won't give up.

So far I have been looking at the big companies and applying from them. Are there any WeChat Groups or websites you can advise me to look out for?

On WeChat, you can subscribe to Chinajob . This might be the best for you. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, Business in China might be good as well. Good luck.

actually if you get a master degree , it is ok for you to apply for job without 2 year worling experience

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