Ant Wars - a semi-ironic tale...

So as not to repeat a whole buch of stuff, if you want background, see my main posing "Anyone been given a woman?" and see the last 2 entries.

Thursday afternoon, I noticed that the trash in the dining area was full. I tied up the bag, put on my flip-flops, and walked out to the post where we leave our trash. On the way back to the house, I notice one of the semi-tame cats laying on the wall. I walk over to see if I can make friends, and as soon as I got within 6 feet, he/she takes off. OK, no big deal. I turn to walk back, and get a sharp pain in my foot, then 2 or 3 more. I look down, and its red ants! I brush them off, but the damage had been done. They really sting! Felt like a burning. Guess that's why they call them fire ants... Later that night, the itching gets worse.
The next morning, I notice that there are 2 large fluid filled blisters on my foot, and 2 smaller ones between my small toe and the next one. I bust one blister, and clear fluid comes out, white blood cells, I guessed. By Friday night, my foot was starting to get a bit swollen. I tell Chroeb that if it doesn't get better by the next morning, I wanted to call the doctor.
By the time I get up,Chroeb has already called the doctor. He shows up at 0800, takes one look at my foot, and tells me that it's an allergic reaction to the ant venom. Swell. He gives me a shot of an anti-biotic, and another of a steroid, like cortisone.
He also hooks me up with and IV with a 1/2 litre jog of D5W, to help flush out the venom and the dead white blood cells. He leaves another jug to change out.
I get the shots, and the D5W until MONDAY night, when I can finally get unplugged. I still get the shots, and will continue to get them until Thursday.
Ain't this a bitch? All this from a couple of ant stings.

The ironic part? The garbage I took out Thursday, ONE WEEK AGO, was all medical waste from  Chroeb's IV's and HER injections! Sometimes Karma can be a real pain... No good deed goes unpunished...

Ok, so here's the final tally:
Ants 4, me = 0
total bags of D5W = 6
total injections = 20 (10 cortico-steroid, like cortisone, and 10 anti-biotic) 2 each per day.

My butt may NEVER recover. It's been 1 week, and I'm still sore.

Does anyone think this is over-medication? I do.

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