Employment Pass to Dependent Pass


I am an EP Cat 1 holder working here in KL. My wife also has EP Cat 3. We are both Filipinos btw.
My wife's EP will expire this November 2018, she is planning to apply for a new job next year January (still in Malaysia).
How can she apply for a DP (under me) ? So that she can stay in the country without going back to our home country.
What are the estimate costs and the processing time ?
Is it also possible to apply back to EP once she gets a new job next year?
This is also open for other suggestions, like getting a long term visit pass or etc...


You can of course apply for a DP under your visa and your employer is probably the best place to enquire about getting this process completed. Most employers will either make the arrangements and absorb the costs, or at least facilitate the process but pass on the costs involved.

Whether she can change from EP to DP without exiting Malaysia is another matter. Always in the past, it has been necessary to leave, then re-enter and make an application where there is a transition to another type of Pass.

Your employer should be able to confirm the current rules, under the new government.

Of course its possible if she finds another job to apply for an employment pass again when the time comes. Probably a lot will depend on the type of overall costs involved (travel, fees, etc.) whether you decide to pursue this course of action, especially if it is still a requirement for her to exit at the end of her EP.

The questions to ask your employer would be:

1. Can she enter on a tourist social visit pass after cancelling her EP and obtain the DP conversion while in Malaysia
2. Does she have to remain outside Malaysia until the DP approval and VDR (single entry visa approval and stamping) are completed.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
What about the estimate cost for DP if ever my employer pass on the costs to us?
Also when should we start to inform my employer and start the process if her EP will be expiring this November ?

The cost will depend on who carries out the process. It is less expensive for the employer but an agent will cost rm2-3,000 in charges alone - that's why it would be good to work with your employer. The charges also depend on which immigration route would be required. ESD seems to be cheaper than MDEC.

This is MDEC and Immigration stated charges:
https://expats.com.my/expats/expats-new … -services/ (RM530)
https://expats.com.my/expats/content/up … ayment.pdf

Here are ESD stated charges
https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/faq/myxpa … n-charges/

You can proceed already with the application to test the waters about whether she needs to leave the country. Earlier the better as immigration is rather slow these days and end of November is not that far away to make plans.

Your employer might suggest an agent to work with, if they can't for any reason assist in the DP application.

I do, however, think that there may be issues if your wife does get a new job as definitely then she will be required to cancel the DP, exit Malaysia and wait for the VDR approval outside. That's why its important to know if she has to exit before getting the DP.

hi Gravitas,

Can i apply the DP for my wife by myself without go with any agent?


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