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One of my friend is having master's degree in IT . He is still having ECR passport and a company is applying for his E pass so I just wanted to ask you if he is eligible to work as a software consultant in Singapore or not ? Will his epass be approve by MOM ???
Especially Surya and beppi looking for your comments .

What is an ECR passport?
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Whether your friend can get an EP or not depends on many factors, which you can read about in numerous threads on this forum.

Emigration Check Required is the full form of ECR as the word explains the meaning of the category that is before travelling, Emigration Clearance from the Protector of Emigrants POE is required by the ECR Passport Holder. This Emigration Clearance is done for the purpose of protecting the passport holder from exploitation by the fraudulent employers in the Foreign Country. Mostly ECR status is given to the Illiterate workers emigrating overseas for the sole purpose of working.

In India, it has two types of passports. One is ECR and other one is ECNR.
ECR passport is awarded to those section of people who either defined no educational background or below 10th Standards.
Now, I’m wondering how your friend got ECR passport? You are claiming that he or she is now having Master’s then how come he or she is holding wrong passport?

Don’t declare falsely at MoM. In this case, MoM might not be knowing the difference between two but you are calling trouble unnecessarily. For your friend, ask immediately to change the passport status by visiting passport office. Don’t declare or holding wrong document.

I can’t say MoM will approve or not but it’s going to create a problem as he or she is not eligible to get work pass under ECR passport (under ECR passport, someone can get work permits only). Anything false or wrong declaration, will invite trouble including banning to work here. Good luck

So, the authorities, in the country (-ies?) where ECR passports exist, decide who can travel freely and who must be protected from their own stupidity by having to ask for permission to travel first?
That, to me (a big fan of freedom in every respect), sounds rather illiberal, bordering totalitarianism.
But if I understand this correctly now, the difference between ECR and non-ECR affects only the relationship between passport holder and his home country authorities - it should not make a difference to any other country.

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