Orientation Year Visa (Zoekjaar)


I applied for zoekjaar visa at the embassy in Turkey and after I mailed my documents and made the payment. I know that it may take up to 3 months, but an officer told me it takes usually about 2 months. I made my application on 13th July. Since then I have been waiting for a confirmation email from IND. IND didn't give me any deadline.
I am wondering how the process works and when the other people got this visa, their experiences etc.


I applied for Zoekjaar on 22nd June, Still waiting for a response. It's my final week before decision period gets over.

Happy waiting :)

Hi Utsav10,

Did embassy or IND give you an official deadline? Because I didn't get any.


The officer that confirmed my payment and document receipt through the mail mentioned it would take 3 months from the date I submitted my application at the embassy.

Thank you. Could you please let me know if you got this week or not?  :)

Sure, will let you know as soon as I get a response.

Hello. I have applied for orientation year visa. i sent my doc and payments, but i have not recieved any confirmartion. Do u know how the process goes forward?

You can mail them and ask if they registered your application.

thanks mate i will

The IND has a Twitter feed where you can ask general questions.  Link here.


I applied on 26th June, and after a couple of emails, they told me that before 24th September. And after a couple of phone calls, I come to know that they will give me their decision on last day due to their busy schedule. Chill! go for holidays and expect the result on last day only.

Happy Waiting!


Utsav10 :

I applied for Zoekjaar on 22nd June, Still waiting for a response. It's my final week before decision period gets over.

Happy waiting :)

Hello Utsav,

Will you please let us know that you got your decision on time or not?

I mailed IND (the person handling my case) yesterday. This the reply I got

"Due to the absence of some colleagues, including myself, a backlog has arisen, as a result of which the processing of your application has been delayed. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have asked my colleagues to handle your application. I assume one of them will do that on Monday or Tuesday."

I guess IND is having a huge backlog and most cases would be delayed.

Lets wait!

so you mean to say that you will get your result on this Monday or Tuesday right ?

jiggs.j :

so you mean to say that you will get your result on this Monday or Tuesday right ?

No, one of his colleagues will look into it on Monday or Tuesday. He didn't say he'll get an answer on that time.

Funny when his contact person is absent from work,  he replied to his email.


Thanks for your explanation. By the way, I have one small doubt. I did my master from the top 200 universities.

During application, they asked me only three docs.
1) my master certificate
2) passport
3) application form

if you know then will you please confirm that is there any additional documentation required to make a successful application?

i THINK THE nuffic evaluation as well

Are you sure about it? because I called IND 24 hours call centre and they emailed me only this three documents.

They told me that for Dutch or English language degree you dont need any translation.

Hi everyone. My boyfriend submitted my MVV application online on 19 July and payment was made at the same time.
He received a letter with the confirmation on 1st August. And the deadline to the answer is 17 October.
After this he received an e-mail asking for more document (only my antecedentenverklarig) and he sent in the same day (He received a email asking for the document on 22 August). Den Haag team 4!
But until now we have no answer about the application. Today we are waiting for long 64 days.
I think this delay is because the absence of some IND employees.
This is the worse part of this.
Hope the letter arrive soon.

@jiggs if your degree is from outside the Netherlands, you have to submit NUFFIC credential evaluation also, it basically accesses your degree against Dutch education System and evaluates it. Its mentioned in the application form also to submit it. Don't know how IND call center guys missed it.

@haz12 @sinasdsd I got my positive response today. As mentioned the person opened my case today. So I guess because of backlogs you guys can expect a full 90 days wait before hearing from them.

when i have call to IND nobody answered me.. Do u know why does it happen?

guys anybody knows why the INd cantact number these days is busy?

average waiting time is 30mins.. so call accordingly

i was waiting for that.... but it doesnt have any call waiting or being hold

Many time you won't hear a dial tone or pre-recorded message. But if your phone meter is running, that means you are in a queue and wait for your number

I coulnt call IND.. I payed the money but have not recieved any confirmation yet.  Can anyone help me ?


How much time did it pass now? btw I got my positive confirmation

about 1.5 month

how long does it takes?

ahahh... 3 months.

i meant after paying money , will i recieve any recipet ?

well, sometimes they send you a confirmation and sometimes not! Best way to email them. They will give you a late reply, but within a week you will get a response from them.

thanks for your reply ... I wil do it

Hi! I'm a Canadian who recently graduated in the Netherlands with a bachelor degree. I applied for the orientation visa but a part of my is worried they'll say no to the visa. I was just wondering if this should be something I should worry about or I have a high chance of really I will get a yes for this visa?

If you are passed out from dutch uni then you have very high(almost 100%) chances to get this visa

Yeah, it was a Dutch university (hbo).

Utsav10 :

I applied for Zoekjaar on 22nd June, Still waiting for a response. It's my final week before decision period gets over.

Happy waiting :)

Hey Utsav! I was wondering if you processed your zoek year from India?

Hey Vini, I have recently applied via Embassy in Delhi. How far have you reached in your application process?

And to everyone else, did anyone apply for zoekjaar this year? It will be good to know if the application decisions are made on the last day even this year...



May I know how long it took in your case to get visa.

Thank you

Hey shahruk,

I have started my application on February first week still waiting for response. Any update in your case?

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