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I moved a year ago to Ghana from New York.
So far so good. I started a restaurant business for continental dishes about 6 months ago.
Looking to open another location specifically for pizza and chicken wings.
Looking for a business partner or investor.The market is amateur but the demand is huge hence seeking to do it professionally and grow beyond Ghana and subsequently to other African countries.
Business minded expat interested pls contact me.


Hello That sounds like a good idea, what is the plan going forward in terms of setting up at other locaty

The plan is to open a new location in high populated area and offer tasty meals at great prices to remain competitive. With the right partners we will make our operations as lean as possible to minimise cost and stay focus on our core mandate.
I am still looking for an investor for this business. There are other awesome agribusiness opportunities I have that I need investors for as well.
Thank you

Sure you from NY?  Your spelling is like British English.  LOL.  Anyways, I am from the US and was recently in Ghana looking for beachfront property to build a 16 room hotel/restaurant with a health spa.  I, too, am seeking investors.  Would you be interested in something like this? Perhaps your restaurant idea would suit well with this venture.

Haha. I studied up to high school in Ghana before moving to Europe and later US. Educational system in Ghana is modelled after the British system. I am sometimes lost, spell British and American way any how. I guess that is what happens when one is all over the place.
Partnering with you will be a great idea however, due diligence is needed given that land issues in Ghana can be tricky. When we talk I will see how I can help in this.
To answer your questions, yes I lived in NY from 2010-2017.
I am  Ghanaian by birth so I know Africa well same as I know Europe and America.
Back to business,please email me *** so we can share contacts and discuss how we can make this work.

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