Multimedia Jobs and Moving to Brunei


My names Zach and I'm a british citizen who has recently graduated with a degree in multimedia design in Cardiff, Uk and am considering on moving to Brunei sometime next year.

I'd like to know the demand for graphic/multimedia designer jobs in Brunei and how I should go about looking for a company to employ me.

I plan on visiting the country for a holiday in December 2011/January 2012.

Any advice would be very helpful and much appreciated!

Thanks :)

Hi Zach, Short answer - you will struggle.
Jobs are very very scarce and even worse if you are not local or as least fluent in Malay. If you are Caucasian and non Muslim....forget it!

Hi Zach,

Welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I wish you good luck in your job search and i hope you will get more informations on the employment in Brunei.

Aneela, I think you are on the wrong forum. This is abouty Brunei not India.

sorry thank you wpshark

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