Looking for South African dietitians working in the Netherlands

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I am a dietitian based in South Africa and I am looking for any others that have already moved to the Netherlands and know what paperwork/ additional certifications are required to work in the Netherlands. I only know that health professionals usually need to comply with additional criteria compared to the "usual" as described on this site. Can anyone advise?

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To save me reposting the whole thing again - within the Forum is a response I just gave to one of your countrymen who is looking to move to Holland in a medical field; can I suggest you read that post first and the links I've already provided - they will answer most of your questions regarding medical professionals moving to Holland.

Once you've read them, if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Expat Team

Hi Riette,

You must be able to speak Dutch to work in The Netherlands in your field of work. We have a lot of dietitians over here, so the chances for you to work here are not great to be honest.

I won't say it's impossible, but you must have a set of skills that we Dutch doesn't have.

Goodluck anyway!

Hi Ramses. Thank you for tip - Luckily I have additional qualifications and skills and can therefore find other work than a regular everyday dietetic job. I am more interested & skilled in research and development, for which speaking dutch would be of lesser importance (although I will start learning anyway)....

Hi Riette,

That is great to hear and wish you lots of luck finding a job. You will learn Dutch soon enough, Afrikaans is close to our language and I can understand 60% of it.
You have the advantage there

Groeten Ramses

Het is echt niet zo moeilijk hoor ;)

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