IPA delayed for two weeks

Hi I need help with this my IPA isn't issued yet and the recruiting agent told me my work pass ( as a performing artist was confirmed on the 30th of Aug) has anyone had such delay with a positive outcome?
I was refused entry into SG around may this year and found a job three weeks after I got home
So I wrote to ica and they ask that I get a visit pass first before applying for my work permit which I did . I filled the forms and sent to the recruiter and on the 17th of july he said my visit pass was approved and on 30 of August he wrote again saying my work permit was also approved and he will send the document when gets them. Its been weeks I really don't know how long I'll have to wait :sosad:

If your work pass has approved then IPA should have come on same day or next.

You can ask the employer to provide the approval confirmation received from MoM. Don't ever try to work on visit visa as if you will get caught then consequences would be severe including ban for several years. Good luck

The employer (and possibly also you yourself) can download the IPA from EPOnline - and then print it.
Or you can also just enter Singapore with no printout, as the customs officers can see in the system that you have one.

Thanks for your replies guys I do not plan to go Singapore on a visit pass and receive the traumatic treatment I had last time. I just needed to know if this delay is normal cuz my boss said the reply from the manpower is still pending

Thanks for your advice
But I learnt my lesson the first time guys

And he says it's been approved but he doesn't have the document yet
Is this normal at all?

I have already said that IPA issued at the time of approval. You can check online whether your work pass is really approved or not.

I never heard that IPA is not issued in weeks after someone's work pass approval.

Yes, don't travel without IPA letter as chances are high to get denied again. Avoid this.

A employee can only see the status of work pass application in MoM website. You don't have link to get IPA letter. It's always the employer (or designated agency) who had applied employee's work pass online will receive MoM's email on approval confirmation where it contains attached pdf format IPA letter along with a link to retrieve same IPA letter (in case the pdf file is not opening).

Note: If the employer will share that mail then you can too retrieve the IPA letter or else NO. This process is applicable to all kind of work passes (EP, S pass, DP, work permit, Domestic helper pass etc).

I understand but he didn't share the FIN with me so I can't get my status just using my passport number. Tried several times it says invalid and say my employer may be the only one to access this info. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Its so hard to find singing jobs online so you can imagine how it feels to start research all over again. I think he might be holding it back for a reason
Oh well, I'll have to move on there's nothing else I can do
Thanks again

It is NOT normal to withhold the FIN from you - and I can only imagine sinister reasons for it (e.g. it's a scam and no work pass was applied for).
As Surya said, if your work pass was approved, the IPA is available at the same time and only needs to be printed out.
You should contact MoM as soon as possible, get the FIN from them and check if what your employer says is true. I doubt it!

You can check work pass status using your passport number and name. Follow the link, then in second page (point 2), use your passport number again to see the current status of your application.

https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLE … yAction.do

There could be possible three scenarios:
1. Record not found (which means MoM system doesn't have record about your passport). In this case, either your employer didn't apply or apply 2/3 days back only, where MoM system did not update.
2. Pending
3. Approved/Rejected

Good luck

Thanks  I've tried that same link like  a thousand time it keep sayying error :record not found and that I should contact my employer since he's might be the only one to access this info

He didn't even reply any of my messages yesterday. He just read and said nothing
Anyways thanks for your help
why would he lie to me in the first place ?

cyndi001 wrote:

why would he lie to me in the first place ?

Well, maybe because they're scammers?
There are many of them around, and you can easily recognise them: Were you charged any fee for the visa application? If yes, it's time to say Goodbye to the “employer”, job and money - it is illegal in Singapore and no honest employer would do this!

I wasn't asked a dime. All I had to do was pay my flight myself
That's why I'm just wandering

Hmm, then ask them to check EPOnline and download the IPA. Or get the FIN from them (or MoM) and check for yourself whether your EP is approved.

Trust me Beppi he hasn't said a word to me since I started asking how long it takes to receive the IPA letter. He just said I quote  "pending reply from manpower".they even put back the job online a month ago before hr told me the EP was approved
I sent him a message telling him to chech n the confirmation  he just read it and said nothing. All I can do now is try to move on to something else. I can't waste my life on this I've always dreamt of visiting and working in Asia but its proving to be very difficult

Well then, good luck!
Your story certainly sounds strange: Employers are normally either honest or cheaters, but yours is neither!

Hi guys I finally received my IPA letter obviously it was been held back for some reason it was approved on the 10th of sept and its valid until the 30th of Dec.  The only thing I'm waiting for now is my entry visa since I was deported three months ago
Thanks guys for your support
It did alot for me

The IPA letter is your entry visa!

I've heard that before beppi but immigration asked me to get an entry visa from them before even applying for a work permit. My boss told me it was approved in July so I'm waiting for him now to find it and send

Hi guys good day. Singapore stroke again last thing I heard was the insurance agent was going to deposit the security bond and forward to documents to me and now He tells me my entry visa ( which he said was approved on the 17th of July ) was rejected
You were right Beppi some bosses just mere liars I've wasted other opportunities presented to me before becuz I was waiting for this job thanks guys for the support you bring to this group

I am sorry for your situation. Unfortunately dishonest people exist in all countries and cultures. Please don't give up pursueing your dreams because of them!

Are you sure you can check this to know IPA status ? I think it's only for the EP / S pass process after You get IPA . IPA wouldn't be updated here

Hi so the employer has applied but when I check
eP online I still see the work pass ( that expired in 2018)
And after that left to work other country ..

But now I don't see anything like pending but employer sees pending but I still the expired status

Swatii: The only explanation for this situation is that your application was lodged (accidentally?) under a different FIN number, so you don't see it when you log in with your FIN.
(This could happen if you e.g. changed name, nationality or passport since 2018.)
Better get a screenshot of the application from your employer and compare FIN. Then contact MoM.

None of this happened

@cyndi001 how did you get IPA Letter from employer or your own finding

@muthukalailakshu The user you refered to, cyndi001, has not been active on the forum since three yearsago. I think it is unlikely you will get a reply.

Furthermore, a bit of your own reserach (e.g. on this forum) could have easily shown you that an IPA letter is issued by MoM in response to an approved work pass application (to be submitted by the employer),