Renewal of Visa

Hello All,

I'm a non-EU citizen working in Brussels. I have received my renewed work permit and have submitted the work permit and related documents for temporary visa renewal. I have submitted my application in the second week of August 2018. It's been more than a month and I don't have any news from my commune. I have already taken annex 15. I have 2 weeks more before my visa expires. My annex 15 allows me to stay 2 weeks after the visa expiry date. I'm waiting for a letter from the commune, I have visited my commune several times and they always say they have no updates on it. Has anyone been in this situation before? Do they generally take a lot of time to renew a temporary residence visa?

Waiting anxiously !! :unsure

Thank you.
Rahul Rathod

Don’t call it visa, it is your residence permit that gets renewed after your work permit is renewed. It is normal for ministry to take time to respond to your commune. Please wait patiently. You will get your residence permit renewed.

Thank you for the reply :) Yes I meant residence permit. I hope I get it soon. Fingers crossed.

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