Change of Visa status

Hi ,
First of all thank you very much for the kind of service that you are doing for people who are in trouble(sounds like a rhyme)  ;)

Okay, firstly I would like to inform you about my situation here:
My name is Arshad Anwar , I am a student in France , I have just completed my MBA in international business & marketing and will receive my Diploma in December 2018,
Now I being offered a CDI contract by one of the company in France.
The problem is the job is not in relation to my MBA
Therefore the questions is - with the above situation can I change my status from Student to Salary?

You can try to apply for a passeport talent. Look it up at the service public website to see if it applies to your job situation

Thanks for the reply and suggestion , I will look into this option also but as far as this question is concerned is it possible to change the status on the current scenario of mine??

You can always change status.Visa status depends on the situation in the moment. The question is whether you demand is accepted by the préfecture. This is why you must never file a demand without getting.all relevant info first. Check out the website,it describes the different possibilities
If you have a Cimade in your city,they can check your application with you before you in.

May I ask if the different categories of passeport talent visa provide the exact same benefits?  If not, which category might be best to apply for?

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