Moving to Edinburgh

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently a 24 year old university student, studying Game Design/Development at the University of Lincoln in Lincolnshire. I'm just about to start my final year the week after next.

Since the end of my second year I've been planning to move my family (fiancée and an 18 month old) to place where I can find jobs in my field (unfortunately there aren't many opportunities in Lincolnshire). I came up with two options, the number one option up until a month ago was London, a great amount of jobs and an incredible city but housing is insane for newcomers.
After a while I reluctantly decided that life would be too difficult to live there. So we then looked at our options again and thought about moving to Newcastle/Gateshead, which is where I came from. I really like the place, I do and people are soooo lovely, but I just have a thing for people wearing tracksuits and everywhere I look while up there, everyone (and I mean everyone) was in tracksuits!! In addition to this, I also had a feeling that it would be a step back for me having already lived there.

So after being out of all ideas we asked a family member who then recommended Edinburgh saying that it was an amazing city. So immediately I started looking into it and from what I could see on the internet its an absolutely amazing place to live and grow up in. The jobs in my field are booming and the housing rental prices are fantastic.

So what i'd just like to ask here is what is it really like to live in Edinburgh? it's all fine and dandy looking on the internet but I'd like to what others think too.
If you moved to Edinburgh, how was was it? were there any regrets? Is there any advice? what is the transport like? I love cycling, what's it like up there to cycle? I love the cold, what is winter like? what is the cost of living like up?

I've estimated that I'm going to need around £6500 saved up in order to have a smooth move, would you say that is enough?

Any advice or replies are greatly appreciated, thanks :)

P.S sorry for creating another topic on moving to Edinburgh, I'm sure there are loads already on here, sorry again!

Take a look at Dundee, they are up there with the best for game development.

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