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Hi. Im a nurse from the Philippines and I have a pending application as Enrolled Nurse in Singapore. I already passed the interview and SNB exam. However, I am planning to back out because of some personal issues. Will the agency (which I applied to, in Manila) charge me of fees so I can get my passport and other documents back? I hope somebody replies. Thank you.

You should talk to the agency in your country where you had applied. If they are not ready to return your documents then you may take this case to police or local authority (depends on what’s the best practices in your country).

I would suggest to post your query in Philippines Expat forum where people who might have had similar issues may guide you. Good luck

In Singapore, it is not allowed to charge the job-seeker any fees for work visa application and it's also illegal to withhold someone's passport.
Since your case is between you and a company in your country, the situation might be different and should be asked on the Pilippines forum, as Surya said above.

My advise for the future: Apply for jobs directly at suitable companies (hospitals, in your case) in Singapore. Going through agents makes things more complicated, lowers your chances and might even cost.

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