German or English Teaching Jobs - native German, excellent English

Hello all, I would hugely appreciate any information about how I could work as an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City. I am a native German but speak excellent English (migrated to Australia 9 years ago, just finishing a postgraduate degree at an Australian uni).
Is there somewhere that would hire someone who is not a native speaker?

Alternatively, do you know about opportunities to teach German?

Am grateful for any helpful information,

Cheers, Friederike

Well, just like any job, the most effective route is to contact potential employers, either in person or through e-mail. Virtually, all language schools have their own website or at least a facebook page.

Also, schools that are looking for teachers usually post ads online. For example, here is an ad for a German teacher right here on this very website:

Looking for a German language Teacher … acher.html

You'll find more ads here: … ching.html

This site also has many teaching jobs in Vietnam:

In addition, facebook has numerous teachers groups. Just search for "teaching jobs in hcmc".

Alternatively, you can print out copies of your resume/CV and travel around town dropping them off at various language schools starting with the best-looking ones near your home. That's how we used to do it back in the pre-internet days.

Anyway, good luck. I am sure you can find something somewhere.

Thanks heaps, John! I will be sure to check out all your suggestions. My concern was that I am not a native English speaker. Do you have the impression that would be a problem?

Many schools hire non-native English teachers, especially in smaller provincial  cities. Your  starting salary might end up to be a little lower than a native speaker, but if you you prove yourself in the classroom and if you're popular with the students you can quickly catch up. In Vietnam it is almost more important to be Caucasian than 'native'.

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